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  1. Yeah, Serif, you're saying you are making Professional photo editing and graphic design softwarewe deserve a simple Document > Crop function.
  2. Hi Affinity team, Currently, if you export JPEG through "More" window, in order to save any value in a field (like "Quality") you need to click somewhere outside of the input field to make the system accept it. Which is understandable. However, clicking on "close" button doesn't accept the value! This is annoying because there is not "save" button. If there was "save" button in "More" window popup panel, I would assume "Close" won't save, BUT since there is no "Save" button, I assume current "close" means "save and close". Check out how I try to set the "Quality" of JPEG in export "More" panel to 70, yet it stays at 50, only because I didn't click somewhere in the empty "More" panel space:
  3. We definitely need and want Image > "Crop from selection". It's not so difficult to code up, come on!
  4. I agree with forum members, Affinity seriously needs Transform Selection feature, ideally combined with popup that shows selection's dimensions near mouse arrow and ideally combined with permanent width/height of the selection shown in the Info panel (now just when mouse button is pressed). Scrubby zooming would be nice too, but I guess P$ spoiled us... :)
  5. I totally agree, Affinity is missing Transform Selection tool. It's impossible to change the rectangular selection once it's made... It is so important that I used to map it to F4 key on Photo$hop. I want: * Transform Selection, * popup dimensions when selecting, * Selection's dimensions shown in Info panel after releasing the mouse button (not just when selecting) * Dimensions in px of the document/artboard shown on the status bar at the bottom of the screen
  6. Hi all, Since Affinity Photo doesn't show tooltips with dimensions on the Marquee Tool (feature request), we have to depend on the Info panel for dimensions. However, when selecting with Marquee Tool, once the mouse key is released, the width of the current selection disappears! It becomes impossible to know the dimensions of the selection! This is very annoying and I wish developers kept the width and height of the selection shown in the Info panel persistently.
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