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  1. Could you possibly add a Keyboard shortcut for the Studio Navigator? 


    I use an iPad as a secondary display and I put the Navigator on the secondary display and enlarge it full screen.  I like to be able to turn on and off the Navigator at my discretion.  I have been using the Mac's builtin keyboard shortcuts to accomplish this in the past but would like to have that as an option within Affinity.





  2. I sure wish that there was a better solution.  SignCut Pro is an option too but their support is horrible!  They have been promising a new version of their signcut program but I have a feeling that after seeing Affinity Designer, their software isn't going to be any good at designing anything worth while.  I have not received any information as to what PDF engine that they use or plan on using in the future.  MAC users need a good solution for cutter support.  

  3. That worked great MEB!  I was selecting the white background and then deleting it. It still left a slight yellow border around the flower.  I never thought to select the flower and then masking it.  There is a lot to that refine option that I just don't understand but I'll keep playing around with it and trying to find some documentation on it.  You gave me a great start.  Thanks a lot.  The erase white paper in AP worked too but still left that slight yellow line around the flower.

  4. When using Pages on the Mac, there is a feature called instant alpha that can remove the white/colored background from an image and make it transparent.  Is there an easy way to do this in AD or AP? AD Prefered.


    I see that in pixel persona (I usually only use draw persona) I can use the Selection Brush Tool and then I can just delete the selection.  However, I can't seem to get rid of the yellow edge around the flower as well as Pages instant alpha can.  Any suggestions?


  5. Serif, I paid $49.99(at FULL PRICE) and expect to have paid $499.99 for this software!  This upsets me very much! /s   As a matter of fact, I don't have a use for Affinity Photo(as of yet) but I bought it anyway just to support you guys because of your EXTREMELY FAIR PRICING.  


    I think that if people didn't get the discount that they feel that they deserve, they should be complaining to Apple and not Serif because it is Apple that pulled that price from the App store based on some time zone setting.  I know many people that bought the program on the 23rd and still got the discount because they didn't wait till the last minute to buy it.  But to come on this forum and start complaining about false advertising or some illegal aspect on Serif's end is absurd.


    I don't know why you bought the product in the first place, but if you legitimately bought it for your business or to speed up your productivity in development, I think you will agree that an extra $10 is not worth getting upset about.  


    You do have a legitimate complaint but I don't believe that this forum is where it needs to be directed.  Try here instead: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204084

  6. I had no idea that UI tool size was for changing the objects control size.  I really thought that it was for changing the applications icon size.  


    I am also getting a blue outline around the Smallest button using Yosemite 10.10.4.  Hitting tab changes to the next size on my system but that might because I changed the way the tab key changes focus in the keyboard system preferences.


  7. Open automator and create a new folder action.  Select the folder that you want to watch in upper right, type "open" in the search bar on left panel, drag "open finder items" to the right pane and select affinity designer or affinity photo as the application.


    Typically, when people ask me how to do something my answer is google it.  It truly is simple.


    I have automator actions set up to ftp iTunes backups to a NAS, folders that get date and time stamps added to the file names, automator programs that I can drag images on to an icon and the images will be automatically resized.  The possibilities are unlimited once you learn how to use automator.  Best of luck!

  8. I don't think that this is something with the different versions.  Same version on both MacBooks provide different open dialog windows.   It seems to be a system issue based on something else.  If you try opening pages or numbers and open a document, you get the same type of window.  One window has a green + in upper left of window and the other one does not but has a "new document" button on the bottom left of window. 


    I even reinstalled Yosemite today on the internal drive of the 2008 MBP thinking that it might be a setting or preference file and it didn't make a difference.

    I noticed this a while ago but just never brought it up because when I ran the Betas, I got the Open dialog window with the green + in the upper left of the window.  This is the one I prefer because I can click on my folder name in the left pane and then hit command F and search for a file in that particular folder.   You can't do that with the other open dialog, it forces you to search the entire mac and not a specific folder.


    This has me perplexed and frustrated.  I guess that I will always just run the betas but that isn't always a good idea in a production environment.  


    (Just discovered that the open dialog in Safari opens with the green +.  There seems to be an inconsistency in OS X on the open dialog window)

  9. Here are the screen shots.  Screenshot 2 from above is from the 2008 Macbook Pro. Screenshot 1 is from 2015 Macbook Pro.  


    Now before you tell me the the issue is because of the computer being an older one, if I download the affinity beta on the 2008 MBP, the open dialog takes on the same characteristics of the 2015 one.  So in other words, the MAS version uses the open dialog but the Beta uses the Finder window.  On the 2015 computer, it opens using the finder window in either the MAS or Beta version.



    Screen Shots deleted by Signguy

  10. I have two Mac's running the same O/S and the Same version of Affinity Designer (1.3.2).  When I hit Command O to open a document, both Macs display different Open Windows.  Does anyone know why and more importantly, how do I change the setting of this window?


    One window shows a share and tag button the other one does not.  Also, when I do a search, one will let me search This Mac, "Desktop"(or current folder) and Shared Folders,  and the other computers open dialog window will only let me search "this mac".  Hopefully you can see the differences.



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