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  1. Odds are I'm just doing it wrong. (I'm going to blame my low coffee levels). I'm on the 12" iPad Pro, so it should be just fine. I'll take another look. Thanks!
  2. Hey DesignMeister! Thanks for the tip! I do have a question (And I freely admit that I'm only 1 cup of coffee in, so my synapses aren't quite firing at the required rate yet) After I load a LUT, give it a name and save it, the LUT icon in the adjustments browser takes on the appearance of the image, which is great! But...where did Affinity save that preset? If I now delete that adjustment layer and try to implement that same process again... I don't see the 'Preset' I just made. Ideally (and again, I'm just spitballing here) I'm looking for a rapid, visually representative way, of previewing a LUT's potential affect on my image. Something viable when your LUT options are in the 100s. Blackmagic has recently (thank goodness) implemented a version of this in Resolve 15. Theo from Miesner Media does a quick walkthrough of it below. What I like about their implementation is the LUT icons give you a 'Default' representation of the LUT's colour feel on a human skin tone, and yet you still have the ability to replace that default icon with an image from you project, or revert back to the default with a button click. Granted, I'm aware that we're talking DaVinci Resolve -VS- an iPad app, but hey, a man can dream. Capture One Pro 11's implementation is also very useful (And fast!). I use it daily:
  3. Hey Folks! LOVE the product! I tried a forum search and didn't see anything, so forgive me if it's been requested already, but can we can get an option to preview LUTs before applying? As is, implementing a LUT (eg. from cloud storage) just gives me a file name to choose and apply. If I don't like it, I have to redo the process (And try to remember the list of obscure filenames that I've previously tried!) I have no idea what 'Portra 160' looks like, nor if it's going to fit with my image. But if I can see it, I'll know if it works or not. Maybe a similar implementation to LUT's as in Capture One? Where you hover over a LUT name and it's visually applied to the image, then you can either scroll to another option and the image updates in real time, or you can click the selection to finalise the application. Obviously, it would require remapping 'clicks' to touches, or multiple touches or whatever, but I leave that up to you wizards! Thanks!
  4. Me again. Second Crop Tool Feature Request: 'Reset' I just noticed that if I want my original image back (Post Crop), I kinda have to manually drag out a huge crop area (way bigger that whatever I have on-screen). Implement that, then go back to the crop tool, and resize my transparent canvas to the image boundaries of the now visible previously cropped out area. A simple 'Reset Crop', or 'Revert to Original' would be handy to have. Thanks!
  5. Fair enough I actually ended up moving the Affinity file over to my Mac Pro (via iCloud) as there was a stronger image candidate from the shoot that I decided to use. The real joy was being able to just swap out the background layer and quickly adjust a couple masks to get to a finished product instead of having to start the process all over again. (Also, where in heaven's name is the 'Solo' layer option on the Desktop version?) 10 points for Affinity Photo's cross-platform files! My one gripe would be the inability to have multiple documents open on the iPad version. That way I could move images back & forth like I tend to do on desktop platforms. My apologies if this already exists, but I don't remember it being mentioned, so I'm kinda guessing that functionality doesn't exist? (I shall now Google it, like I should have from the start) As for multiple Instagram accounts, I was toying with the idea of a test account up to yesterday. I may have to revisit that option
  6. Hey Affinity Folks! I have a couple of questions/requests with regards to the crop tool: Is there any way to have it remember the last used settings? Also, can we get a couple of standard crop presets to choose from? (16:9/4:3/Square/etc). And maybe and option to have it not float outside the canvas area? (toggle-able preferably ) Usage scenario: I'm editing a photo for instagram (I know, I know) and I'd like my image to have a square crop. So after I choose 'Custom' under ratio, input my arbitrary identical numbers (4x4), then decide on my crop area and approve it.... I change my mind. It should be a little more to the left. So now I have to reselect the tool, reselect 'Custom', re-input the crop dimensions, try not to accidentally hit anything other than the tiny crop handles (if not I have manually redraw and reposition the crop area from scratch) then nudge the image around to my newly preferred crop area. But now it should be a little higher. So I go through these steps again. And again. It gets a tad tedious Thanks!
  7. Submitted a couple RAW files. Canon 80D With a Tamron SP 24-70 f/2.8 G2 and a Tamron SP 70-200 f/2.8 G2. I chose tropical themed ones, as I know that you fine folks outside of the Caribbean are currently firmly in winter's chilly embrace. Think warm thoughts
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