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  1. Hey Bri! I actually meant Matt's suggestion with the 'Region' itself was still 'US'. I certainly didn't mean to belittle or dismiss your helpful suggestion! (Thanks!) As a whole, I guess I'm just looking for a simple (and obvious) button to change the 'In Program' spell checker to difference languages. Like in Illustrator. Or InDesign. It seems like a handy feature to have. In the immediacy I'd like 'Colour' to have a 'u' without the spell checker feeding into my 'poor spelling' insecurities. My bar is set low!
  2. Hey Matt! I was under the (potentially incorrect) impression that region doesn't impact language, just things like currency, temperature, time, etc (like Alfred mentioned) I tried it under a new document, but still getting a red squiggle Just thinking out loud here, but if I have to change my entire system settings just for a working spell checker?....Well, that's not ideal. I'm not trying to be difficult here! Far from it, just pointing out that's not a particularly elegant solution. Granted, I couldn't code my way out of a box, so my opinion is moot at best.
  3. Hey Matt! Yep! 'Colour' is incorrectly underlined. Images below (System language and Affinity Character language visable)
  4. You were ABSOLUTELY correct! My system level preferred language was set to US (which I promptly changed to UK). Yet... 'Colour' is still red-squiggled as incorrect. Which brings me to my other point (question?): Affinity Designer's System Preferences have distinct language options for 'English' and 'English (United States)', whereas the 'In document' character panel just has a singular 'English' option. Wouldn't it be more intuitive to also extent that Dual-English option to the character panel as well? As on the off-chance this 'Colour' fiasco isn't a bug, this seems like a fairly painful way to perform a simple regional language switch.
  5. Hey MEB! No such luck. 'Colour' remains red-squiggled as incorrect, whereas if I change it to 'Color', it gets a pass. I've also tried this with other words like 'Accessorise/Accessorize' and gotten the same result. It always defaults to American spelling (Which is funny, as you guys are a UK company )
  6. Hey Affinity Folks, Noticed some odd behaviour. It appears that when switching languages from 'Default' to 'English', the spell checker still utilizes the 'English (United States)' dictonary (Eg. When switched to 'English', 'Colour' is highlighted as wrong, whereas 'Color' is deemed correct). I'm probably the worst person in the world to try and pin this one down, as my spelling is atrocious, but by golly colour has 'u'
  7. Thanks Sean! It really didn't affect the workflow (I just exported with a different preset), but I thought it best to have the bug squashed Thanks again!
  8. Hey Sean! Not a problem at all. It's actually a 21 page (Artboard) document, but only 3 pages exhibit this odd behaviour. As such, I've split off the offending pages into a separate document for you (They still exhibit the odd behaviour). Thanks for the assist! Greg. Affinity_Designer_-_Wonky_Text_Output.afdesign
  9. Hey Folks! I'm getting a wonky text output with the PDF export preset 'For Web' (all dpi choices) . The rest of the presets seem fine. I ran into this bug in 1.6 beta 11 (literally, this morning) and it seems to be here as well in beta 12. Attached is an example of the garbled text output. Thanks!