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  1. Thanks everyone for the great advice! I turned off the Keyboard Shortkey for the eraser in AD Preferences. Seems to have fixed it. Seems weird because I had changed all the Huion shortkeys, so there must have been another trigger that I couldn't change.
  2. I'm trying to set up an H640P tablet with AD on my Mac. For some reason, everytime I lift my pen up, it automatically selects the Erase Brush Tool. I figured I was accidentally hitting a button, but changed all of them and it still happens. Then tried reinstalling the driver (latest), no change. Am I missing a setting? Can I change the hotkey for Erase Brush Tool from [E] to something else? Not sure what to do.
  3. +1 We use Microsoft Publisher at my church. Would love to transfer us to Affinity Publisher! Import option would be fantastic!
  4. Same issue here. Thought my mac didn't have enough ram or something. Tried everything here, still nothing.