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  1. Hello, I've totally removed Affinity Publisher v using AppCleaner, and then re-installed it. That solved the issue! I can now add some image using the Place Image tool. Best regards, Alexis
  2. Hello, After updating to v, I cannot add any image to a page using the Place Image Tool: the explorer box opens, but if I click on its left hand side on "Photos" location, and then choose "Photos" in the top part, there is an endless turning wheel on the right hand - and no photo catalogue is displayed. Best regards, Alexis
  3. Hello, I did a little bit of testing around that "Print" dialog box issue: - When I open the "Print" dialog box, the default setting on my Mac is : "Fit Type" set to "Scale" at "100%" ; and the preview box is blank. - Keeping "Fit Type" to "Scale" and changing the scaling value (whatever, as long as it is not 100%) makes the preview appears, properly displayed. - If then = after having changed one time the scaling value, to "98%" or "102%" for instance, I set it back to "100%", the preview is still there and is properly displayed. - Finally, when "Fit Type" is set to "Fit to Printable" or "Shrink to Printable", the preview is properly displayed. Best regards, Alexis
  4. Hi, Not really. In fact, the whole preview box in the "Print" dialog box shows blank pages. Please see the enclosed screen shot : I'm trying to print Affinity brochure (74 pages), and the preview box only shows blank pages. I've tried with a 3-page document, the issue is the same. Best regards, Alexis
  5. Hello, When I try to print a document, the output are blank pages. (but the document can be exported as a pdf for instance, which can be printed then). Otherwise, I'm **soooo** happy with Affinity Publisher :-) Best regards, Alexis
  6. OK, no problem. Thanks for the support. Btw, your apps are GREAT :-) Best regards, Alexis
  7. I've done the test by myself: I've been able to restore Affinity v1.3.x, and my file colours look OK with this version. Therefore I'm afraid we might have a bug in the v1.4 upgrade :-( Best regards, Alexis
  8. Hello, Yesterday, before upgrading to v1.4, I made some edits to a photo colours (see the PDF file "My export" in the below Dropbox). However, after upgrading to v1.4, it looks like my colours adjustments were all lost. Could you please open the Affinity document ("My work-file" in the below Dropbox) with a previous version of Affinity Designer: - If colours are the same in the PDF file and the Affinity file, then there is a 'bug' when upgrading to v1.4; - On the other hand, if colours are different with v1.3.x too, it would mean I did not save my work properly :-( (in case it helps: on my Mac Finder, the preview thumbnails display with the correct, adjusted colours for the 2 files) The documents are in this Dropbox folder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ttttl64w07q8437/AABEvQ5hF3Wo1w0cQOaPF_zla?dl=0 Thanks, ​Best regards, Alexis
  9. Hello, When I try to export, if I choose a format different from PNG (such as JPEG etc.), the export is always a PNG file. = My format option choice is not taken into account. My Affinity Designer version is: 1.1.2 My OSX version is: 10.10.2 Thanks, Best regards, Alexis
  10. Hi, I'm working on RGB-8 and try to export in PNG. Thanks Alexis
  11. Hi, When I export a picture, the colour is changed. This happens whatever the export file format. How can I please preserve my colour choice? Thanks