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    Still having an issue with the Fonts Toolbar. When I click the Bold Button, it also selects Italics button which makes the font "Bold Oblique". It should not select this unless I click the Italics button too. When you try and click the Italics button off, it will not. The only way to make the font Bold only is to go to the dropdown menu. It specifically happens with Helvetica. I couldn't get it to do it with Airal. Courier has 4 font types... Regular, bold, bold oblique and oblique. NONE of those options are selectable via the Bold and Italics buttons.
  2. Summary: When formatting text that had multiple font versions (e.g. Helvetica that has Light, Light Oblique, Regular, Regular Oblique, Bold and Bold Oblique) the font chosen gets changed to the wrong version in the dropdown. When I am using Helvetica and I click the Bold button, the software thinks i also clicked the Italic button. When I try to click the Italic button off. It will not let me. Steps to Reproduce: Make a document and try to format text with a font such as Helvetica. Hit the Bold button. Expected Results: The font is only made bold. Actual Results: The Font is made bold and italicized as well as the dropdown for the font version is changed to Bold Oblique even though only the Bold button was hit. SW: Affinity Publisher Beta Computer: Macbook Pro Mid 2014 running MacOS 10.13.6