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  1. If there would be preorders, I would order one even today :)
  2. Are you at least considering it?
  3. I, as a front-end developer, would greatly appreciate Affinity Photo for linux. Many of my co-workers would too (we all work on Linux). I think this is a nice market for the Affinity Photo. And we all have licenses for Webstorm and/or PyCharm.
  4. Jetbrains does not seem to have their software on Linux unprofitable, otherwise they would not make all their IDE's on Linux too - event the newest ones (I mean Rider for C#, even closed Early Access Preview was for Linux too). Most of their software requires buying a license. Great piece of software btw.
  5. So is a linux version an option in the near future?
  6. Hello. I am a front-end developer using Linux because a lot of tools are just more convenient to use this way. Almost all of my coworkers develop this way too and yes, we buy software. I think there is bigger market for Affinity on Linux than you think. If you google a bit you can see that a lot of people literally begged Adobe for PS port for Linux and I doubt it would happen. You can be something that we desired for so many years. Nor Photoshop running on wine, nor Gimp just aint gonna cut it. Starting a Kickstarter campaign might be an interesting idea. I hope you could take a minute of your time and answer this post. Take care

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