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  1. I think that the user interface can make or break a product. If the UI is not user-friendly it can become a significant problem.
  2. Sounds very reasonable. As a developer, I can fully understand that. Judging by the Affinity Photo architecture, how difficult would it be to port it to Linux? Is there any part of your system that seems especially time-consuming to port?
  3. Hello How is the Affinity team feeling about this ever-growing interest for Affinity products for Linux?
  4. I think looking at the raw market share might be misleading. The percentage of wide variety of developers is a lot higher on Linux than on Windows. I know a lot of web developers who use Linux and would throw their money at you for sure. Also, if you are worrying about Linux users not wanting to pay for software, JetBrains seems to be doing awesome. As far as I know every piece of their software runs on Linux also.
  5. If there would be preorders, I would order one even today :)
  6. I, as a front-end developer, would greatly appreciate Affinity Photo for linux. Many of my co-workers would too (we all work on Linux). I think this is a nice market for the Affinity Photo. And we all have licenses for Webstorm and/or PyCharm.
  7. Jetbrains does not seem to have their software on Linux unprofitable, otherwise they would not make all their IDE's on Linux too - event the newest ones (I mean Rider for C#, even closed Early Access Preview was for Linux too). Most of their software requires buying a license. Great piece of software btw.
  8. So is a linux version an option in the near future?
  9. Hello. I am a front-end developer using Linux because a lot of tools are just more convenient to use this way. Almost all of my coworkers develop this way too and yes, we buy software. I think there is bigger market for Affinity on Linux than you think. If you google a bit you can see that a lot of people literally begged Adobe for PS port for Linux and I doubt it would happen. You can be something that we desired for so many years. Nor Photoshop running on wine, nor Gimp just aint gonna cut it. Starting a Kickstarter campaign might be an interesting idea. I hope you could take a minute of your time and answer this post. Take care
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