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  1. So, the actual value and the one that is displayed in the UI can differ purely based on the selected number of decimal places in user interface preferences? Suppose I choose to use two decimal places for millimeters but then encounter a situation where through scaling one of the outlines becomes 0.125mm. The user interface will show 0.13mm even though the actual value is 0.125mm. That simply feels a bit wrong and misleading. It might be worth setting the default values for millimeters and centimeters to at least three? Or add at least some kind of visual cue that warns users that the used and displayed values differ. Just to avoid people asking the same question like me.
  2. I am facing an issue with Affinity Designer where outline values are being rounded instead of being kept as specified. For example 0.47mm gets rounded to 0.5mm, 0.25mm to 0.33mm etc. Is this intended behavior or am I simply missing something. I need the values to remain exactly as specified.
  3. Still, I am not looking to complicate things even further by making a mess of standard shortcuts. If Personas is not removable from File, as it obviously isn't, I'll just stick to clicking.
  4. And every time I want to type an upper case letter A end up with a new file? The left side of the keyboard is pretty much already reserved and even if it wasn't having to remember specific shortcuts just for one program is kind of counter productive.
  5. For a keyboard only workflow that's fine because both hands are on the keyboard. However when one of the hands is on the mouse reaching key combos like CTRL+N can be a real challenge especially since it involves using a thumb. Also CTRL+N is not something you keep using repeatedly so I actually always preferred to just use the File -> New menu option. Call it preference or something else but that's the more efficient and less error prone method for me. That's why it's so unusual for me to see something else in place of the first option for the File menu.
  6. So it's a feature, not a bug? Are there any plans to possibly move Personas somewhere else? I am asking because I can't possibly be the only one who has issues with where that options has been put.
  7. Is there a way to remove the Personas option from the File menu option? I've seen some videos on YouTube where there is no Personas option in File so I was wondering if those people are potentially just using old versions of Photo or is there some way to hide it? The reason why I am asking is because misclicking Personas instead of New has become incredibly annoying and if possible I'd like to just remove them. If not, wouldn't it have been much better to just put Personas in View menu?

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