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  1. color-fan-tastic

    DPI set to 400 changes layers

    Hi Sean. That's fine and if one knowes of that - not problem. Keep on and let adobe look old with a superb, quick and easy usable layout program! And add something similar to Lightroom (but much better...) to the group of programs in the future, which works on all sorts of filetypes. And give good opportunities to import Quark and InDesign files as IDML or alike at hand too and you will find a very dedicated community growing even quickier than now! Greetings Dan
  2. color-fan-tastic

    DPI set to 400 changes layers

    Hi Walt The bug seems to move the white layer in the Master page to the right. Greetings Dan Bug report with DPI plus layers.afpub
  3. Hi! Changed the DPI in Document Setup from 300 to 400 dpi. After OK, the transparent layer on top of the layout doubled its itensity. That's strange as the changement of DPI should not change the layout or layers. By the way: Excellent software already. Quark and InDesign need to hurry if Affinity goes on like that!
  4. Hi folks! I can't find any possibilities to download the bonus contents. Bought both the programs right after their start…
  5. Hi! I'm very glad having the possibility to watch the tutorials and with a very good voice to listen too!! As I will be offline in the snowy mountains without internet I began to download the vimeo tutorials. But this possibility stopped at 8. RAW Developement. Does that have a reason or could you please open up for downloads all the following tutorials?!! Thanks a lot! D.
  6. Hi folks! I tried to import PS brushes that appear as .tpl files under tools in the Presets of Photoshop instead under brushes. Is it possible to import them into Affinity Photo? Thank's for the help!!