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  1. Hello, If I have a black and white pixel layer (or a grayscale pixel layer), is there a way for me to select the white area of it? I'm essentially creating a mask on a pixel layer, but now what to select it so I can actually apply it as a mask on a mask layer. It's a luminosity representation, so I ideally want to transfer it as is to a mask layer. Cheers!
  2. Also, what is the best workflow for working with multiple RAW files that need to be stacked? I'd like to Develop the original RAW for each image before stacking. So far, the only option I've found is open each RAW one at a time as a new document, export as a TIFF into Files app, and then open all of the saved TIFFs in a new document as a Live Stack.
  3. Hi MEB - I've done this and I don't notice any difference to the masked area. Attaching screenshot. It does seem to work with a Curves adjustment as expected though, so thank you for the tip!
  4. Hello, A few feature requests from me, especially related for landscape workflow: - "Smart objects" or more specifically, non-destructive RAW editing that I can go back and tweak. Must work for multiple RAWs stacked as layers. - Mask preview overlay - both ruby overlay and seeing the black and white rendition of the mask (and being able to brush on it) - Ability to apply levels adjustment to a mask itself (which seeing the black and white mask preview) Thanks!
  5. +1 to this please - I'm currently saving AP files to a folder in Keynotes because that has a local storage option.
  6. Thank you James! Immensely helpful! How do you find AP's RAW processor compared to Lightroom mobile or Snapseed? Also, is there a way to apply a levels adjustment to a mask? Especially useful for adjusting luminosity masks. I guess my biggest feature request then would be mask preview support.
  7. Anybody? I really like AP and the iPad, but without some of these workflow things, it's very hard for me to post-process. Contemplating returning the iPad in that case.
  8. Hi all, Running AP on an iPad Pro 10.5. Coming over from working with Lightroom and Photoshop with my Surface Pro. Mainly do landscape work and had some questions: - I noticed that I get way more out of the RAW files (Sony) from Lightroom than AP's Develop module, especially for shadows and highlights recovery. Is that expected? - Does AP's Develop auto-correct lens distortion based on lens profile? - If I have a mask on a layer, is there a way for me to see the mask overlay (ruby overlay in Photoshop) so I can see if I missed any spots? I saw a tutorial using the Selection persona, but that doesn't seem to work if I have a mask layer selected. - If I have a mask on a layer, is there a way for me to see the actual mask (black and white)? - I have loaded some macros for luminosity masks - once I create a mask, is it possible for me to edit the mask using a levels adjustment while actually seeing the mask (black and white version)? - Is there a way to easily copy a mask to another layer? - Can I create a mask via a color range? Cheers!
  9. I've been processing a few of my recent Leica Q photos via AP on my 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9. For the most part, been a very nice experience. Few thoughts / suggestions: - Compared to Lightroom, the RAW processing seems "constrained" for the lack of a better word. I feel I can't squeeze as much out of the image as I can in Lightroom. - For portraits, I really like things like the easy Frequency Separation filter. Would love some more landscape-focused features: --- Really luminosity masks (not just the blend mode workaround) --- Ability to view the mask for easier refinement --- Ability to process multiple RAW exposures and then bring them in via Place Image (from the Affinity documents instead of only being able to place from camera roll / iCloud) --- Support for more filters like polarizer, color contrast, micro / dynamic contrast (similar to NIK, Luminar) - Performance optimization (maybe it is just my 1st gen iPad Pro, but I have noticed various slowdowns in the app where stuff just freezes - especially happens with selections / refining selections) I think I may get a new iPad Pro (for the better screen color accuracy if nothing else) if AP continues to evolve at the pace it is. Great work!
  10. Hi all, I'm seeing some sluggishness with my iPad Pro 12.9 (first gen) when it comes to processing images. Everything gets affected - toggling layer visibility, selecting tools, making selections, etc. I have 5 pixel layers, 3 masks, and 6 adjustment layers on the image - pretty standard I think. Is it just inherent to the iPad Pro first gen power? Would the second gen improve this greatly? Or are there some performance optimizations still needed for AP on iPad? Restarting the app seemed to help, but I worry I'll run into it again the deeper I get into editing. Could it be due to auto-saving? Cheers!
  11. Will you support AirDrop for easier transfer to Macs? Or will iOS11 make this an easier transfer process instead of routing via the cloud?
  12. For anybody that had the old iPad Pro and now has the new one, how's the performance difference (especially for AP)? I have the old 12.9.
  13. I imagine something like the Tone Mapping Persona would be used for this?
  14. Thank you! One thing that's nice about luminosity masks over blendif though is ability to modify them using like levels (crush the blacks for example) or use them for selections. Does AP not have traditional luminosity masks?
  15. Hi all, As I try to replace my Photoshop workflow with the iPad app, one thing I use frequently with Photoshop is the NIK Collection, especially for Color Efx Pro. However, as Google is going to stop updating it, I want to find a way to do similar effects elsewhere. How do folks do things like Dynamic / Pro / Color Contrast / Polarizer in Affinity Photo (specifically on the iPad)? Cheers!
  16. Hello all, The latest update for Photo on iPad has been great in terms of the RAW support from Photos and also better auto-saving / less crashing. One question - how do I do luminosity masks of varying strengths (for highlights / shadows / midtones) in the iPad version? Cheers!
  17. I think part of it is if you're coming from Photoshop, you need to revise your workflow to fit into AP's UI / layout / functionality. This is for better or worse. Maybe Serif should've kept things more similar to Photoshop in certain cases to ensure lower switching costs, but then perhaps they feel they are doing things in a more intuitive way. I think the other thing is that Photoshop has a lot of cool features, but AP I believe has some unique ones as well. For example, being able to preview what is beneath a mask when you hover the brush without having to actually paint is pretty handy. I'm sure there are others, but I'm very new. Having said all this, I too get very frustrated within AP because I'm using to Photoshop. Just as AP will continue to get better, we shouldn't forget that Photoshop will as well. AP will really never "catch up" in that sense. So they need to focus on efficiency and workflows that are more intuitive and useful for photographers. Right now, some basic stuff is missing there.
  18. Hello all, New user of Photo here. The first day I used it I was trying to fit my Photoshop workflow into AP and getting somewhat frustrated. But I realize that AP probably has many unique capabilities that PS doesn't and I should be leveraging a workflow that utilizes the best of AP. As an example, I primarily am editing landscape photos and I've really liked the live preview on hover when brushing masks so you can see what's beneath before clicking. This is really great when merging multiple exposures to remove objects (when stacked mode is insufficient). What other things do you find AP does better or has replaced a workflow in PS? I believe luminosity-based exposure blending via the blend modes might be one (to replace luminosity masks although AP does that too I believe). Thank you!
  19. Is there a plan to support Luminar? It's a nice alternative / companion for the NIK collection.
  20. The App Store is saying my purchase of 1.5 is ineligible for a refund. Please advise? I bought 1.5 yesterday (there unfortunately wasn't a trial for 1.5 yet, but I know Affinity has a 30 day guarantee) and unfortunately, it isn't performing to my expectations. I will be sticking with Photoshop and Lightroom / Capture 1. Please advise. Thank you.
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