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  1. I have used other programs that export to HTML but always end up righting it myself which I now prefer. However what I would like is an HTML Blueprint export which would have all widths, heights, spacing hex colors and stuff like that showing on and between objects so as I am writing the HTML and CSS I am not having to click each object and get its dimensions, colors, fonts and so forth. This would also greatly streamline handing a layout off to someone else like an intern who may not have Affinity. I know, thy should get it...trust me I will tell them.
  2. In most cases what I need to use this for is just that create my exportable area so when I open a file and make changes and have this new size I need my canvas to be I simply, Select that object, click the Artboard tool, in the size dropdown choose selection, then click the Insert Artboard button. Bada Boom. Now the great thing is you can resize your artboard at anytime.
  3. I have been using Fireworks since version 1 so I too have many many layered source PNG files. I have no desire or need to continue using layered PNG files I just want to be able to open and use old resources. So a one time conversion or import or something, even if it was an external app. "Save Layered PNG as Affinity Designer" would be fine with me.
  4. I am sure I will keep finding stuff I want lol. Text on a path is something I use constantly also. Being able to edit the way the text attaches to the path as well as the vector path at any time. Also is feathered edges. I often use a vector shape to cover an area or draw in a fog or mist. Being able to draw a vector shape, set the feathered edge levels, the alpha and blend modes make this super easy. Thanks again, Merry Christmas!
  5. Affinity designer things I would like to see. Things I regularly use. Transform by value: being able to transform to Fit an area or by a percentage. By the way, when you move the rotation point off of the object, say to the center of a large complex set of feathers in a circle and you are placing objects around the edge, the rotate handle works but the rotate by value in the transform panel does not, is is restricted to the points available in its selection box. You should be able to change the order in which effects are placed on an object or layer. I have some real problems often when for example placing a artistic text object, setting fill and stroke, then adding a second border with the outline effect then wanting a glow behind that, it is often hardly visible if at all. ( I have seen some talk that things to make this better are in the works) The 3d and bevel/emboss effects seem sub-par, although admittedly maybe I have not figured out how to use them properly yet I am not sure. Being able to re-position the 0x0 point of a document would be super helpful. I already ran into a situation where the boss was upset I could not do that. Some advanced vector transforms / effects would be super too. Like in Fireworks panel, see attached image. You do have Convert strokes to fills. Extrude would be great. Also nice would be Open/Close Contours, Blend Paths. And with the End points the weld, join, knife on point, make handles tangent, and make handles same length. I do not know what your plan or needs are with separation of tools between designer and photo but the wand tool is something I use hundreds of times a day. That and clone. As I am often working repairing something that the source files have been lost. I have purchased both programs so if I have to learn to jump back and forth I will. But it would be nice. Now do not get me wrong, I know you have been working your asses off, I know this is a young product. I am super excited about this product and look for word to all it brings. And I am extremely great-full that you have made this product and put so much hard work into it. I have used Fireworks Since Macromedia first released it in version 1. I am very much looking to becoming a guru of Affinity. And any tips you have to guide me to that end are appreciated also. I know I have a lot to learn and I want to learn it all. Thank you to each and every one of you.
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