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  1. Thanks for your reply. I am using Windows 10 on an Acer Aspire pc. The printer is a Canon Pixma iX 6850. I have run the scan as you suggested and it finally came back with the message 'Windows Resource Protection did not find any integrity violations'. I have now run an experiment. I have installed all three Affinity programmes on an old Dell Inspiron pc I use as a backup. I have installed all the updates. I cannot recreate the crashing problems which leads me to think that there must be a problem with my Acer pc. On the bleed issue though it must definitely be a software problem as there is still no bleed down the right hand long edge on an A4 sheet. It is 3mm short of bleeding and 2mm short on the bottom short edge. Thanks again for all your help.
  2. Thank you very much for your post re the problems I am having with Affinity. I have checked the graphics card and there are no updates for it. I am afraid my technical knowledge is such that I feel very worried about trying your other suggestions ( I am 78 years of age with no computer background). The thing that I cannot understand is that before the recent updates the programmes were all working fine. Only yesterday within an hour Publisher and Designer both closed on me when working on a project, and there is still this problem with the bleed on the printer. Again before the update no problems. I have been using Affinity since the beginning and Serif products right back to the early days of PagePlus but it looks now as if I have to look around for other programmes which is a big problem. Very, very disappointing as Serif do not seem to have an answer.
  3. I am using the copies I have bought from yourselves. I went to use Designer this morning opened the programme and went to download an illustration and it just closed. I am not a professional but use the programmes for a club newsletter and creating greetings cards for friends and family. If I relied on it for work I think I would have changed to something else by now. Yes I am using a Canon A3 printer but never had this problem before updates.
  4. No crash reports are listed which seems strange. No particular operation causes the programme to freeze, it is intermittent. Regarding the bleed 0.3 shows on all four edges in the set up yet when printing it still does not bleed on the right edge and it is also a fraction short at the bottom. Never used to have these problems. I have always been extremely pleased with all three programmes and recommended them to a number of friends but after years of using Serif programmes am now considering looking around for other possibilities.
  5. Since recent updates I am experiencing a problem on all three software programmes Designer, Publisher and Photo. During the creation of a project the programme freezes then closes. When opening the programme again is does find a rescue file of the project. Another problem has also occurred and that is I can only get bleed on three sides of a page. On an A4 page the long side on the right will not bleed.
  6. Since the update I have had problems with minimising Designer. When restoring it back the project is shown without the programme details. It then shows the message 'programme not responding' and closes. When opening Designer again it does find a rescue for the project but not always with the latest corrections I have made.
  7. Hi Cecil. Yes that was the link but have heard back from them and they have given me a new link, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gYX1a6eMDgR4OtKDKOZ4IL0JUC_PbANM/view which has worked fine.
  8. Thanks Cecil, waiting to hear back from them. I have tried downloading their macros but with the same result.
  9. I am trying to download some templates from Affinity Revolution and for some reason when I type in my email address a message comes up that I have mistyped and they cannot download the file. My email address is correct and it obviously works for everyone else. Has anyone any ideas?
  10. Thanks for the replies. I will download them into AP. I just thought that they would have automatically gone there.
  11. If I download a gradient pack in AD should it then also appear in AP?
  12. All text and headings created from within Publisher. At the moment, after reinstalling the software, it seems to be OK although there was one incident a few days ago. I was wondering if it was a case that if a PDF had already been created and I was trying to update it without deleting the original PDF, if this would cause the problem.
  13. I am only creating single A4 documents. I open up a new document for 'print'. The document itself contains artistic text headings, text frames and photographs and, or, illustrations. After checking it I then save it and then export it. About four or five days ago it started sending back the message 'unable to export to'. I tried changing the choices to web and for export but with the same results. I then tried cut and pasting the document onto a previous document and it worked first time. I have also tried changing to the Designer persona with the same results. I have also tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling but with no luck until this morning. I thought I would try one more time so I created another document with just a rule border and a photograph and it has exported OK and have just tried creating one of the documents again by cutting and pasting the previous one into a new document and again it seems OK. I checked the forums but couldn't find anyone else with a similar problem. Mike
  14. I suddenly have problems exporting new documents in Publisher. It keeps coming back with a message 'an error occurred when exporting to'. The only way I have found around this is to cut and paste the document onto an old one, or to open up the Designer programme independently and open it up in that, it then works. It does not work in the Designer persona in Publisher. I have uninstalled the software and reinstalled but it makes no difference.
  15. Why is it when returning to a publication only one day after creating it some of the illustrations are missing, just a blurred image?
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