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  1. Why is it that when I create a new image brush in Photo it appears to be blurred?
  2. Thanks for the reply and the brushes. It seems that the images are sharp at the larger sizes but when reducing them to a size that I want they become a lot less sharp, as the attachment shows.
  3. When in Publisher and transferring to the Photo persona why are my own created brushes not available?
  4. I have found a way around my problem. Select vector brush tool - click on controller and select pressure - select the brush - go into stroke and select the pressure - change for desired effect - then draw with the brush. This seems to have worked although a long winded way around it.
  5. When choosing a shaped brush in Designer all I get is a straight line. What am I doing wrong. I have tried using the pressure graph but that makes no difference. I chose brush 125 as shown in the attached screen shot but there is no shape and it is the same with other ones.
  6. Is there anyway of actually seeing an image at the side of a document in Affinity Publisher? By creating an artboard in Designer you can actually see the image. It would be very useful to have this facility. Mikey05
  7. Are there any plans to introduce the cutout studio into Publisher?
  8. I use the coutout studio a lot in pageplus. It is so easy to use while in the pageplus document. Using Affinity Photo means that you have to go into a new programme to create the effect that you want, save it, come out of the programme, open up publisher and import the illustration. A lot more hassle.
  9. Is it still possible to download a 10 day trial for Affinity Photo?

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