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  1. In the Rhinoceros there is a tool "only closed objects". I think it is a good idea for the Designer. This idea was discussed on the forum. I'm thinking about it. PS: Thank you for a wonderful product. Work again began to inspire
  2. Sorry, Yes, I'm talking about the exports. The decision-crutch: 1. Designer export -> PDF 2. Illustrator -> open PDF -> save as Ai CS6 3. Fireworks -> import Ai -> save as PSD 4. Photoshop -> open PSD -> Select all text -> moving left 2px and down 2px I make a very big project. I hope for a speedy solution to the export
  3. I had frozen heart. "Unsurpassed file compatibility The best PSD import engine..." - and there is no text!? :blink:
  4. Linux + Affinity = Dream :rolleyes: :wub: Really, really need
  5. Waiting for the light theme, that would interface merged with a white canvas.
  6. Pressing Ctrl+Space+drag accidentally copy objects. Let copies only Alt. Сombination "Ctrl+Space+Drag", "Space+Ctrl+Drag" let it be to scale (zoom). When long and fast work, not notice that before you press, Ctrl or Space
  7. How to disable Ctrl copy objects? (Windows OS)