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  1. rvanheukelum

    New Icons

    Lame indeed
  2. rvanheukelum

    Update social links

    The 'Welcome...' screens when booting up Photo and Designer have social inks that lead to the 'old' Facebook and Twitter pages (We've moved), maybe these should be updated. – Richard
  3. rvanheukelum

    Affinity Publisher - Sneak Preview

    I can't wait, this is awesome. But is it me or is bleed (view) also here missing out? – Richard
  4. rvanheukelum

    Tone Mapping Presets [FREE]

    Thanks a lot! Great presets!
  5. I just find it very hopeful Affinity Publisher is IN development. I've fallen in love with both Designer and Photo, even though I do have to get used to it after decades of Adobe's software. Next step ... Affinity PDF
  6. rvanheukelum

    indicate arrow asset for UI design

    It is, thanks for this! – Richard
  7. rvanheukelum

    Setup Bleed in Create/New dialog

    In that case this will almost certainly will make an entrance soon ... – Richard
  8. When creating a new document, you should be able to (already) set all dimensions, bleed, etc. you now can do at 'Document setup'. It seems a bit strange that you have to create a document first, open the document setup, and then apply stuff like bleed ... this is the long way home. When creating a document I'd like to apply bleed directly. – Richard
  9. rvanheukelum

    Designer: Step & Repeat

    PowerDuplicate doesn't seem to work when holding the keys Alt+Shift while dragging in order to go straight (down). It's only possible when Alt-dragging the object. – Richard
  10. rvanheukelum

    Affinity PDF Creator

    Well, expanding the current settings will get you something similar. Next to include the bleed area to the created PDF, it would be a great idea to add media settings as well. Currently you can apply (custom) bleed. This is awesome and I can't wait for it to be actually visible on your document, but it would be great to also being able to define media dimensions, like for instance 10 mm that also can be activated when creating the PDF. That way, when creating a A4 leaflet, 210 x 297 mm, you apply 3 mm bleed, and 10 mm media. When exporting to PDF you end up with a PDF file with a media(box) of 230 x 317 mm, a bleed box of 216 x 303 mm and a trim box of 210 x 297 mm. – Richard
  11. Would it be an idea to (optional) dim 'inactive' artboards? So as soon as you work on artboard 2, artboard 1 wil be somewhat dimmed, depending on your app settings? – Richard

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