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  1. When I create a subtract compound inside an existing symbol it’s not being propagated on other instances of the symbol.
  2. After a quick test: There is still a tiny lag between the touch and the first movement of my pen, which prevents me from doing short strokes with a brush (PTH-850 Intuos 5 Touch) Assigned Tool isn't getting assigned (tools don't switch when I switch brushes with Assigned Tool activated) If I choose a brush with wet edges and switch to a dry brush (no wet edges) wet edges remains activated
  3. Thanks Chris, Now that is weird. I see the same behavior in 1.5.0 as well. And I started AP with Ctrl and deleted all settings... I can't honestly remember having any issues with dots before 1.5.1, and I drew A LOT. I even thought about downgrading AP to 1.5.0 to just get rid of these dots, but couldn't find a link. :wacko:
  4. Exactly. I wasn't getting these dots in the previous version. I get the dots with "Random" too, but their opacity is random, which is an expected behavior, I think. I noticed that the opacity of the dots with "Pressure" is dependent on the curve. It seems like AP picks the value somewhere in the middle of the curve.
  5. Of course Chris. I attached some screenshots of the brush settings and of the most relevant tabs of the tablet settings. Let me know if you want to see a particular tab. Sorry, the tablet settings are in German, couldn't find a way to switch languages.
  6. Hi. Since I updated AP to 1.5.1 the simple round brush produces very visible dots every time I slightly touch the surface of the tablet (PTH-850) with the stylus. It ignores the sensitivity curves in AP and Wacom tablet settings. There are no issues when I do a stroke (even a very short one) or use a brush that utilizes a texture. The dots are always of the same size and opacity.
  7. It seems like the issue with switching to associated tool wasn't fixed in the latest update... :mellow:
  8. Hey I R Baboon, I think it only works if there is only one tool assigned to the shortcut. When I paint in AP I frequently have to switch between the Paint Brush and Eraser, and I can't switch using your method. The reason is, the shortcut B is assigned to 3 tools, the same is for the shortcut E (Eraser). So when I switch to Eraser and wanna switch back to my brush, pressing E just switches through all 3 Eraser tools assigned to this shortcut. There is no way back to the Paint brush. It works perfectly in the Designer though, cause there is only one tool assigned to each shortcut. Why n
  9. Sorry for the late reply. Yes, I tried every single configuration. I found out which vertical axis of the curve affects texture rotation at which direction of the tilt, and there is always a tilt which rotates the brush in the wrong direction, no matter what I do. And combining both options, Size<->Tilt and Rotation<->Angle, makes it even worse and makes no sense at all. So, it is better to use them separately. That's why I think that AP/AD's binding of pen tilt information to brush properties is broken. Later I'm gonna post a small tutorial on how to use the Rotation<->
  10. No no, Paolo. I'm trying to bind the nib Angle to the Rotation of the brush. In your image above I see that the Angle of the Grip Pen is a circle ranging from 0° to 360°. Means, if I tilt my Pen, I could make a full circle around its tip, right? I wanted to use this data (the angle) to rotate the texture (nozzle) of your shading pencil. This way the texture would always look away from the tilt direction of my pen. Now, the good thing is, the texture is rotating in sync with my pen. The bad thing is, it does so the first half of the circle (I guess from 0° to 180°). The second half (from 1
  11. Is it still broken in AP (Windows)? I bought your pencil pack and the ones with tilt option don't work correctly. I was changing the curve of the Rotation Jitter bound to the Angle of my pen (Intuos 5 touch) for like 2 hours and it's always rotating at the top half correctly and at the bottom half the other way around (mirrored, which is wrong), or vice versa. Or is it just me not able to correctly draw the curve? :huh:
  12. Hi, 1. The documentation says that if I choose an Associated Tool for a brush and later click on that brush in the Brushes panel, it should automatically switch to that associated tool. Sounds great, unfortunately it doesn't work for me. Later, choosing that brush just assigns this brush to my currently selected tool, it doesn't switch to the associated tool. And I don't see the icon of the associate tool on the right side of the brush, like I've seen them on some screenshots in the forum. I think, the documentation mentions them as well. 2. I don't think the other drop-down fields (Bl
  13. Hi, I'm using an Intuos 5 Touch (PTH-850) and can pinch-zoom and scroll the canvas using two fingers gestures, but rotating doesn't work. I went to shortcuts preferences -> view rotation and tried to change it and it mapped it to Alt+F13 and Alt+F14. And it works but it rotates the canvas in like 30 degree and feels ugly. The smoothest touch controls I experienced with my tablet was in Autodesk Sketchbook (pinch-zoom and rotation), so I don't think there's something wrong with my hardware.
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