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  1. Hello, which function has the Glyph Browser? Thanks und Greeting Dieter
  2. Hi, what is the function of glyph browser? Thanks and Greeting Dieter
  3. Mouse pointer is not visible in tool and selection. Greeting Dieter
  4. Bug Field name for development / cancel key missing in RAW persona. See picture - top left. Greeting Dieter
  5. Hi Karl1, the camera is included in the list of supported camera. It is the last entry for Panasonic. Greeting Dieter
  6. Hello, I would like in the Softproof always the same preset profile is immediately applied (e.g., sRGB IEC61966). It is annoying with each picture again and again the profile search and adjust. If this possibility already exists, I ask for a tip. Greeting Dieter
  7. Hi Bangemout, you are right in the current version is not. - Select tonal correction and Alt and slider But in the beta it goes right. MEB was probably already too far. So we have to take beta or wait for the official new version. Greeting Dieter
  8. Hi Lordy, look here. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/38370-white-black-point/ Greets Dieter
  9. Hi MBd, thanks for the info. The color management is already familiar to me with the "many" profiles, but the BPC I had not heard so far. Since I use with my printer always perziptiv, BPC is always switched on automatically. But it will be tested in the Softproof if a difference is visible (as in the example pictures). And for Germans like me in German -> http://fotovideotec.de/farbmanagement/10_kontrastumfang.html Greeting Dieter
  10. Hi, what is the black point compensation in the settings color profiles. Which function does this have and how does it work? Better On / Off? I want to understand the different. Thanks for the information Dieter
  11. Yes MBd, you are right - that's how it goes. Can the clipping display be switched on and maintained as standard? Greeting Dieter
  12. +1 Hi, yes that is not well regulated. Perhaps one should control a grid of 0.33, 0.5, 0.66, 1.0 ....... - as usual with cameras - via the mouse. Would help me. +20 to -20 needs no photographer. Greeting Dieter
  13. Hi, this is only in "Photo persona", more important in the workflow but it is in "Develop Persona" with RAW - please realize here, because not working. Thanks and Greeting Dieter
  14. Hi, is there in Af-Photo already something like a "camera shake reduction"? In PS and PSElements, there is this. I have unfortunately some photos that need. Does anyone have a tip or is it a new requirement? Greets Dieter
  15. Hi, is done. my mistake. The screen must be larger and not smaller than the picture. Thanks Dieter
  16. Hello James, I have the video "Resize Canvas" reproduced. For me, there is no tranparent border / background to make a new fill level. See picture and log. I have reduced the canvas to 40x30cm. I use WIN version. What am I doing wrong or is that a bug. Can you help? Greeting Dieter Hi, is done. my mistake. The screen must be larger and not smaller than the picture. Thanks Dieter
  17. Hi James, these videos are very helpful for me and show what is possible (If you can). Thanks for the practical examples. Greeting Dieter
  18. Hello Mark, a beta is worth nothing if you do not know what is to be tested in particular. What is the result of this beta? Only that the beta can be installed well? We want to help, gladly. But be in the dark. The most important points could help. Greeting Dieter
  19. Hi Indigo, thank you yes - but you always have to use 2 hands, so it is better to go to personal settings. Greet
  20. Hi, in the Develop persona mode, Liquify, the brush size can not be used via the Photo Set shortcuts. It is only possible with "AltGr+ [or]". Please also make the shortcuts for the personas the brush size + - editable. For WIN, AltGr + is not good. Otherwise a user break occurs. Thanks Dieter Or how can I change it?
  21. Hi, since you do not know what was improved, my test on an old error to focus stacking (https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32185-focus-stacking-bug/). Unfortunately no improvement. I had hoped. Greets
  22. Hi Mark, installation problem-free. Which errors have been eliminated to test or what is to be tested with the beta - which sense does the beta without explanation. Greeting Dieter
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