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  1. I also have big need for "promote from master page" i do use it a lot. But i would like to have also another option so i can choose master page object and choose "individual content" for it. This should not remove object from master page so picture or text frame on a normal page still belongs to master page. This gives me option to move/resize objects afterwards only in a master page so all changes becomes also to normal pages, except all just have individual content.
  2. I agree, there should be way to create individual content to master page elements but not in a way it is done in a pageplus x9. It has "promote from master page" but ie. moving object in a master page do not relocate promoted object. Objects should still belong to master page even they have individual content and rellocate/resize with master page.
  3. I would like to have this feature also.
  4. Exposure adjustment layer values should be smaller. I think -5 to +5 could be good and mouse increment -+0,1 I feel its quite hard to use with mouse and do some fine adjustments for photos. Sliders is hard to move only little bit and mouse scroll increment is -+1 at the moment. Maybe there should be "Extreme" check box, like denoise have to get larger values. - Tommi
  5. I have a problem with printer profiles while printing. When i choose color management from print dialog, set color handling -> performed by app -> choose printer profile if i choose ie. Canon ip series GL1 or something else what was not already on it. Then If i go back to bleed and marks or some other options and choose again color management my previously set printer profile changes back to document profile or what ever profile there was before change. I have no idea where problem lies i have same issue with affinity designer. If i just choose printer profile and push print, colors do not come even close what it should be. (it look like nothing actually changes) Only way i have been able to print from AP or AD and get correct colors is first to do conversion in a document -> convert icc -> and choose printer profile all help would be appreciated

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