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  1. Again, thanks my friend.

    The reason for to develope this image was for showing my facebook group ( Affinity Photo Users Nederland(s)) is to descripe the steps I did.

    That rule is introduced shortly, not just dumping photos for some silly likes and run.

    Help each other, that's why I started the group and the website, both are in my signature.

  2. Thanks Aeros4 for the honest comment :) .

    No problem at all.


    I never intended to make it realistic,or convincing.

    When processing I already knew the tail needed a little blur and desaturation.

    I've had critics in the past as well, after all that are the best lessons.

    If I want aplause or likes I know where to go.

    I'm on this platform to learn.


    So shoot me, you can't hit me ;)

  3. @kodiak,

    You mean the high keys of the lemon?
    Personally I don't feel problems with those high keys.



    If I would take the picture again I would do it very differently.
    With more knowledge and more and better equipment, the result would change significantly.



    You convince me both to make the picture again.

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