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  1. Ik wist niet dat je kwaad werd, sorry hoor. Doet de zoek functie het nog op je computer? Is goed te vinden. Bij een gewone vraag had een andere reactie gekomen en had ik je gewoon de link gestuurd. Al die frustraties zijn niet nodig.
  2. I'm still happy I made the switch to Affinity Photo. Shot taken @ Elfia, Arcen 2015 Model Astrid Bos Trapped by PhotoDante, on Flickr
  3. https://vimeo.com/photodante/helicopter-night-flight-belgian-air-force Belgian Air Force BAF Bevekom, Beauvechain NH-90 Helicopter Flight. A timelapse of the takeoff of a helicopter, the actual length of time from the first picture to the last photo is about an hour.
  4. The first big job I've done in Affinity Photo, still happy . This edit was made for the challenge, a game on the website Affinity Photo Users Nederland(s) Inspired by Tim Tadder. The original image is here: http://photosbydante.deviantart.com/art/American-Classic-Car-98-657938116 American Classic Car by PhotoDante, on Flickr
  5. No problem, Thanks for coming by :)
  6. Again, thanks my friend. The reason for to develope this image was for showing my facebook group ( Affinity Photo Users Nederland(s)) is to descripe the steps I did. That rule is introduced shortly, not just dumping photos for some silly likes and run. Help each other, that's why I started the group and the website, both are in my signature.
  7. Our Dutch website is launched :) Do you have questions you'd prefer help in Dutch? In my signature is a link to a Dutch website with tutorials.
  8. Thanks Aeros4 for the honest comment :) . No problem at all. I never intended to make it realistic,or convincing. When processing I already knew the tail needed a little blur and desaturation. I've had critics in the past as well, after all that are the best lessons. If I want aplause or likes I know where to go. I'm on this platform to learn. So shoot me, you can't hit me ;)
  9. It's the captain of the group. Nice catch.
  10. Thanks for cooperating hypnomedi :) Did you know - hypnomedi created some videos for the Facebook group: Affinity Photo Users Nederland(s) - hypnomedi created a YouTube channel van Mensel Johan Sr. with tutorials - you can request video tutorials to hypnomedi - there's also a Flickr group: Affinity Photo Users Nederland(s) - a Dutch website is on it's way
  11. Can't find it anywhere! by PhotoDante, on Flickr Can't find it anywhere! How it's done in Affinity Photo
  12. It's just a quick genarate PDF and maybe the first Dutch tutorial. Dutch Affinity Photo group, Facebook.
  13. The encounter, Nasr Azamehr. by PhotoDante, on Flickr During the opening of Art Gallery Kunst vol Leven, the Iranian artist Nasr Azamehr talking to ..... The person Nasr is talking with is behind Nasr sculpture .......... A conscious position taken so that the artist meets his work.. A photo from the archives of October 2015.. Software used:. Capture One. Affinity Photo, blurred background
  14. Thanks MBd and Aeros4 for the tips, I'll keep those in mind with the remake and definitely while show you the results here.
  15. This shot is taken in a bathroom. The most important thing to me is in the light, that's what I should do now in a different way.
  16. @kodiak, You mean the high keys of the lemon? Personally I don't feel problems with those high keys. @animalhass If I would take the picture again I would do it very differently. With more knowledge and more and better equipment, the result would change significantly. LOL You convince me both to make the picture again.
  17. The original shot is taken in July 2015. I did not feel happy lately the way the light was done so I tweaked it today a little in Affinity photo, I added some dodge and burn layers. Lemon Water Texture by PhotoDante, on Flickr
  18. Thanks Kodiak :) I loved it this way, maybe you'll see something more crazy in the future. Plans are on my mind already.
  19. Hi there :) PhotoDante by PhotoDante, on Flickr
  20. Nieuwe Kaai, Turnhout by PhotoDante, on Flickr New Dutch Affinity Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/220293651758952/?fref=ts
  21. I don't now if this will help to make the forum clearer. When there is a new release of Affinity create a new folder so it will be sorted by release.
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