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  1. That is my experience too. I had no issues when building the book but when the customer came back several days later with changes, it's now unbearable.
  2. I found that if I rename the folder that I have the links it changes immediately and it works perfectly. This is an issue. The performance should not be tied to how well it has access to links in memory. But in that I found another problem if you relink it loads only the first page in all of the missing links rather than the appropriate pages.
  3. Any solutions? I am running into this being unusable with large links.
  4. hello, I have a large file that I made yesterday for printing. There is no text, only scanned PDF's. The file construction went beautifully--All 122 pages. Very little if any lag was present. The file itself is only 37MB but the links are 3.6GB Today, I attempt to make a minor change of one page of a PDF to another in the link and it just freezes or very long lags. I thought it was because I was running over a server, though, I was yesterday too. But when I tried local, the file would never even open even after 20 minutes of "Loading". My computer should be not be underpowered it's i9, 16" MBP with 64GB RAM and 2TB of space. It seems that Affinity is too connected to links, even when they are not embedded. Everything else seems to work fine. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I know this has been reported in the past but we still seem to have this issue and that is that PDF page sizes do not export to the correct size. They are off by up to 5/1000th of an inch. Here is an example: So in this example you have a ready to print PDF but on the left the page size is 5.503x2.130 while it's supposed to be what affinity shows and that is 5.5x2.125. This may not seem like a big problem but it really delays our Quite Imposing automation for printing. The file then has to be manually cropped in Acrobat. This happens with almost all files with multiple artboards. I have been told that I need to use for pixel alignment and that should correct it - I keep it on and I still get these results. Is there a way to resolve it on my end or is something that Serif must do? thanks!
  6. I agree about making it more noticeable. the contrast between the actions is not very distinct for my color blindness. That may explain some of the issues. With the tweak in 1.8.4 that MEB noted that makes sense because I was going on muscle memory and less on visual response.
  7. I can get it to work - but rarely. If I do it in Publisher, it is no problem, but in the latest iteration of Designer it is very difficult.
  8. Was there a change in how everything works in objects in the last update?
  9. I've always been able to drop things inside of other objects and now in 1.8.4 I can't seem to do it, or at least not consistently. When the picture, or other object, goes inside, it all shows white. See the video here: Screen Recording 2020-09-06 at 9.17.44 PM.mp4
  10. That window helped. It was not that but the new text was defaulting to subscript. Thanks for helping me find that!
  11. Hello, I have found a weird bug or anomaly that I cannot figure out what is wrong. You can have the same font at the same size and they will be completely differnt. Both of these are 11 point minion pro but the one on the right is about 60% smaller. Am I doing something wrong? thanks!
  12. I just want to say that the PDF export has been improved tremendously. I have not had anything fail - even very large files. I'm also getting more accurate files being exported! Thank you!
  13. How would you go about doing that other than just screen record, which would take up a lot of space?
  14. thank you very much. i didn't breakdown the file to see that. I actually didn't design this one and it was one of my designers who is learning.
  15. I have a file that I cannot get to export bleeds for anything. I use Affinity day in and day out with bleeds all the time. This one will not work for anything even when copying and pasting to a new file. Am I missing something super obvious? WCCH_Smith_Heine_Invite_6.20.afdesign test.pdf
  16. Hello Gabe, Was that reply to me or Dave? I uploaded the links last night. thanks!
  17. I'm uploading it right now without the links. Let me know if you want the links.
  18. I use logos many times in a PDF format so they cannot change. But that does not seem to matter if it fails or not. The posters that I talked about in the OP that I ended up not posting, does not have any placed PDFs only placed jpg or affinity files.
  19. for some reason it seems to happen in about half of my documents. Some very simple. Others complex. and I'm not sure the reason.
  20. Just click the swatches palette and choose the color How to PMS.mov How_to_PMS.mov
  21. I'm used both Designer and Publisher and I get this: It seems to be related to my custom PDF settings. I went back and chose the default - Which actually causes problems because of it's lack of PDF/x4 which is very important. I don't think I can actually send my print settings but here is the screenshot: from checking different options, it appears that it's the PDF/x4 is the option that is stopping exporting from working on my files. The reason I'm using the PDF/x4 is because a couple years ago when I was testing it was the only setting that would maintain color consistency in PDFs for printing. I wll test again soon to see if that issue was addressed in recent version.
  22. As a printer I would be very upset with somebody who gave me a file that had a solid of 400% ink. In fact, it has happened quite a few times and I go in and change the PDF to be what people want and not what they give me. There is not a single good reason for having that kind of density. It will cause a mess on the press (even digital could be a problem) and the ink will not want to dry. A super black can easily be achieved by a much lower density of 25 25 25 100 that will dry and have much faster turnaround.
  23. Daisyy didn't make it clear what the issue was and never answered when questions were asked. If you want to edit the SVG you can open it up in any Affinity program. Otherwise, you need to state what exactly is not working right.
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