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  1. Also, Metal is not new to 1.7. It was implemented last year or the year before and it was also very smooth in Designer. That was a big feature last year along with the iPad Designer version and how smooth it was. What they did implement was Metal 2 and additional metal acceleration.
  2. that's a logical place to start. When it's not obvious I revert back to what I would do in Indesign and that didn't work. I made the change but it seems to only effect the current document and not set as a new document default. I'm still checking. Thanks!
  3. Thank you! I sent the email yesterday and I'll be checking my email when I get to work soon. Thanks!
  4. That was the magical menu item I'd been looking for!! Thanks! I had not seen that anywhere else when searching.
  5. I wish I could be more help but I am running MacOS. I had the same issue at first. I then tried did those suggestions in that order and it worked. Have you tried rebooting?
  6. 1st be sure publisher is closed. 2. Check for updates and ensure you have 1.7.1 of photo. 3. Load photo and make sure it opens. 4 Close Photo and open publisher. Done.
  7. I'm learning Publisher and so far I'm able to figure out most things. This one I'm struggling with: The option for space after paragraph is always at 12pt. I want it at a default of 0. I've tried what works in Indesign and that is to choose the tool without selecting any text and changing it. That doesn't seem to work for the next paragraph nor the next document. How can we change these defaults?
  8. I've tried it both ways. Neither seem to matter. I still think there is an option somewhere for it, but I can't find it.
  9. I have CaptureOne and I dont' find it that smooth on the Mac. It's fast and does a great job but I don't find it near as smooth. Adobe products certainly aren't that smooth even with video acceleration turned on - at least not like Affinity. Even the 2015 MacBook Air is smooth in Affinity so it does not have to be an expensive or new machine. I even have it on a 2009 iMac that does not have any acceleration for Metal and my one employee likes it a lot better than Indesign. Your system looks great and is better than pretty much anything that people are running it on here. Now I do wonder if maybe there is a setting in your video card drivers that is causing the issues by not having 2D acceleration turned on.. Can you assign app refresh rates? Part of the issue looks like refresh is not high enough, like playing a game on a bad screen or maybe worse. I Have windows 7. If I can get Affinity to let me use one of my keys for Windows, I'll see what it does.
  10. You have found a bug! It is reproducible too! If you have Hardware Acceleration checked "Enable Metal computer acceleration" it forces Display to be Metal. If you turn off and change Display to Metal it's fine (or anything else). But once you check the box for hardware acceleration the problem is back. This bug also rears itself when using Publisher and in Photo mode doing the same thing if Metal acceleration is on.
  11. Maybe you can see if I am missing something: I have preview unchecked items not visible pasteboard.mov
  12. How are you seeing objects on the pasteboard? I'm putting stuff there and I can grab it but it's blank in that space.
  13. I too am getting it. It appears to be a hidden rectangle shaped mask. I am also using a MacBook Pro. clipping.mov Really strange.
  14. If you are coming from the Adobe world you might think of it like: Designer similar to Illustrator Photo similar to Photoshop Publisher similar to Indesign If you are not in the graphic design world, then that might not make sense.
  15. I heard them mention Windows. As for optimization, it's going to be very hard for Serif to optimize the performance when Windows does not have Metal 2. They can only do so much. There's no reason to cripple Mac performance to make it equal.
  16. Ok. I was doing that too but I thought maybe someone had come up with something even better. If I import a PDF and the text has been converted to outlines Designer can bog down quickly, and that's just on a 2 page document. Otherwise I really haven't had too many problems importing PDF's other than how Indesign makes it's simulated dropshadow crap.
  17. Okay. i thought you were asking about Publisher specifically. The open in Designer and Photo is just the buttons here as far as I understand. They just use the same interface now. The buttons are not in Designer or Photo. I think they are making Publisher the central app.
  18. In the Affinity Live Event today the demonstrator showed turning off and on viewing bleeds to show how far everything went to the edge. I am trying that now and it shows the bleeds all the time now matter what. What am I doing wrong?
  19. You would need to save it as a JPG if you want to import it into Photos. Afpot file is proprietary to Affinity.
  20. vincentlepe his answer is correct. close your Publisher and open both designer and Photo then close them and open Publsiher. It didn't work for me and after doing that it was fine. One last thing is you have to own them both to get both buttons working.
  21. It worked fine for me when I right clicked in Finder and choose Open With Affinity Publisher. Designer files also opened fine when I opened from the dialog box.
  22. I bought 6 keys for my employees. I can download the mac version just fine. how can I download the windows version? It's not available in my list. thanks!
  23. No. This is the affinity preferences on the Mac. The way you know is Metal is only on Mac - and it helps tremendously. If you click the 12 block square button at the top of the window it will give you a whole bunch of preferences that you may not have seen before, one of these being performance. Depending on the Mac you have depends on what you can upgrade - and the difficulty. A MacPro, Mac Mini, are easily upgradable. An iMac can be upgraded by not so easy. A Macbook, Air, Pro cannot be upgraded with internal storage. You could use an external SSD and it's relatively easy but trying to explain how to install the OS on an external large SSD is not something I'm going to go into here. I don't know what machine you have. If you want your harddrive to show up on the desktop you need to go to Finder preferences and check the box: I don't think the numbers sound too bad for your files being opened. It's different depending on how much memory you have in your system. I think you have 8GB RAM but not sure. How much space did you say you had left on your Harddrive? Either way If you can the SSD really will help things.
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