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  1. I wasn't going to try the beta since it's a production project that has the issue and I can't risk things breaking down the road (which is something they warn about in the notes). I've had a lot of years of InDesign and even with bigger projects it never chewed up that much RAM and became unstable, which to me indicates that AfPub needs to optimise itself. But I do give it a fair bit of leeway because I do love it and I understand it's the new kid on the block.
  2. Okay, how about the fact that if a project tries to eat up more than 3Gb RAM, it sometimes fails to load. The project that takes up 10Gb RAM fails to load frequently, freezing up after around the 3Gb mark most of the time. I'd have to attempt to open it multiple times before it would finally jump past that and actually load fully. And other people have complained about excessive RAM usage. There is no need to be adversarial to my post.
  3. I finished a project recently that took up around 10Gb of RAM on my machine, for 164 pages with heavy graphic usage (https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/353349/SINS--MANIFEST-DESTINY - you can view a preview to see how it's laid out) My machine: Windows 10 64bit 32Gb RAM available. Just loading Publisher uses 0.7Gb. So I did a test creating a document with the same 100-page filler text (I copy/pasted the afpub file from the same master, only changing colour space as appropriate), and the same 10 linked images (+2 images on the master page that are copied to each page with a mirror transformation, all of which are in the appropriate colour space but in different file formats); CMYK8 AfPhoto 1.3Gb CMYK8 PSD 1.5Gb CMYK8 TIFF 1.1Gb RGB8 AfPhoto 1.6Gb RGB8 PNG 1.1Gb RGB8 PSD 2.0Gb RGB8 TIFF 1.1Gb These seem quite large RAM usage, and it is with a clean install of Publisher Definitely something that needs looking into. Perhaps by working with low-res placeholders of the images rather than loading each image into RAM (which is what I suspect is going on so you can edit them directly). Adding an option to the 'linked' files to allow low-res placeholders until export would be great, as well as having an option to have the links be relative to the afpub file (assuming it's all nested, of course)
  4. Would it be possible to get an option on the Pinning section to pin things so they go underneath the target? E.G. I have text that needs a graphic underneath it for fancy headers. If I can pin the graphic and then set it so it goes underneath the text instead of on top, then I would never have to worry about unpinning it and then worrying about text getting moved around. Thanks for your attention
  5. Okay, wow... that is some powerful expressions... I'll have to print that off for reference
  6. I've just started using Publisher (long-time Pagemaker and InDesign user). One feature I can't seem to find which is pretty critical for some of my work is the ability to crop the frame of a linked image without resizing the image. I.E. I have an image that would take up a full page, but I only want half of the image to be shown. In InDesign, I could just grab the side of the frame and drag it to the size required without altering the appearance of the remaining image (or I could tell it to fit the frame afterwards if I wanted it resized). Often, I can't just overlay it with a box coloured to the "paper" colour as there would be elements behind that would need to be seen, and I'd rather not have to make a copy of the image with the appropriate reshaping. Also, Transform needs a % change option. Otherwise, my first impressions of this program are pretty good :)
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