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  1. Okay, wow... that is some powerful expressions... I'll have to print that off for reference
  2. Sweet. Thanks for pointing those out
  3. I've just started using Publisher (long-time Pagemaker and InDesign user). One feature I can't seem to find which is pretty critical for some of my work is the ability to crop the frame of a linked image without resizing the image. I.E. I have an image that would take up a full page, but I only want half of the image to be shown. In InDesign, I could just grab the side of the frame and drag it to the size required without altering the appearance of the remaining image (or I could tell it to fit the frame afterwards if I wanted it resized). Often, I can't just overlay it with a box coloured to the "paper" colour as there would be elements behind that would need to be seen, and I'd rather not have to make a copy of the image with the appropriate reshaping. Also, Transform needs a % change option. Otherwise, my first impressions of this program are pretty good :)