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  1. I have a file that whenever I "save as" (to clean up deleted stuff and shrink the file back down) on my Intel MBP it crashes Affinity Publisher. I can "save" just fine but not save as. However, if I "Save As" on an M1 Mac it does not crash. Is there something I can do to fix the program?
  2. Strange problem that I have been encountering lately. My gradients are banding strangely when they should be smooth. I have to show it in a picture rather than screen shots because in screenshots the problem goes away. I don't know if this is a Mac issue or an Affinity problem.
  3. thanks! that seems wrong to me too. Thanks for finding that.
  4. I'm using Affinity Designer and Publisher 1.9x on the Mac and I cannot get the spell check window to come up on the screen at all. It works fine with the red squigle and that can turn on and off but the window will not come up. Am I missing something?
  5. I'm seeing the same thing you guys are. Nowadays we don't have near as many people complaining since so much is printed composite digitally. I hope this gets fixed. It wil also have to fix the PDF Passthrough engine too. Colors will change when exported again. There was a major overahaul to the color engine/spaces in export with 1.7 and it helped a lot, but there is another huge leap that needs to take place. We have switched our printshop and newspaper over to Affinity, and for the most part, like it much better, but color issues still plague. Studiolink is great but Slices need to be brought in so they're available.
  6. I agree with you, but that's not what I'm asking. I would like to be able to have a text frame selected and from the keyboard, WITHOUT having to move the mouse to the column field and click, change the number of columns.
  7. I would like to request a keyboard modifier option to increase/decrease the number of columns of a text frame by holding down Option+up or down arrow. This would allow faster pace of working instead of having to go up and click each time to change the number of columns. thanks!
  8. that would work, but as we are creating the pages, the columns will change with the content and placement. I'll put in a request with Serif.
  9. I'm sure that I could go up and click (which is what I do now) or scroll, but the point is to not have to use the mouse and waste those few seconds on each of them. Hopefully there is a way.
  10. I have keyboard shortcuts for just about everything when doing a newspaper. Affinity is proving itself very capable as we have switched over our newspaper from Indesign after 17 years. There is one thing (of several) that I would love to know, or if not be added, and that is the ability to change the number of columns in a text frame with a keyboard modifier such as command + up arrow or down arrow when a frame is selected. I cannot seem to figure it out what it is or how to make a modifier to do it. thanks!
  11. 1.93 isn't beta-at least not on the mac. I've switched almost all of our production machines from Indesign to Publisher - including our newspaper publication. I've found it's faster to get the weekly publication out in AP than in ID. I did 16 years in ID and now in 3 weeks it's already better at almost every level. Perhaps post this in the bugs forum and see if they can be of better help than I. have you messed around with your RAM settings in the performance preferences? I remember changing mine to make things work better.
  12. I'm not trying to be adversarial. I thought you were making the remark strictly because it was using a lot of memory, and that was the only problem. Your post didn't indicate that your were having performance issues of any sort. Failing to load is an issue, but not sure it's related to memory usage. Have you tried with 1.93? I noticed it was more stable.
  13. The Klopfenstein pdf was made in Indesign several years ago. What's funny is that it's not noticeable until it's exported. Affinity shows it correct. It's only once it is exported that is wrong. I have my own preset on it that is the "for print" modified to include PDF/X4 compliance, otherwise it get a lot of blacks turn to a CMYK mix on the second export.
  14. That memory usage is not a problem at all, at least from my experience. Publisher on my computer will easily take up a 3GB+ in a just a few minutes with just one file open. That's no problem because computers have so much memory. What's the point of lots of memory if your programs can't use it? I used to think like what your saying until I got Affinity. Realizing how much better it is to work in than Adobe changed my mind. I'm fine with it using memory if it gives me a great experience. if you want low res previews and jerkiness, dropped frames, and still use lots of memory, Adobe is your software.
  15. Here is another that I noticed this week. The fonts are embedded. PDF Pass through is close, but I have to go through and looks for this kind of stuff. Also that gray is going to all four plates instead of black. It should be this: Klopfenstein Repair 2x2 TF.pdf
  16. @GeGr If you would like to transfer your INDD files to IDML easily, there is a batch plugin for Indesign that will do your entire harddrive and save them to a folder you specify. It works pretty well from my experience. It's just called batch_convert.
  17. Here is the PDF - page 11. WBNews14-21.pdf Here is the AFPUB file: Alfred - I would not expect that to happen, as it doesn't in other programs. I have been dealing with embedded fonts for nearly 20 years with Indesign. Subsetting is common and the correct way when fonts won't allow the full embedding. All characters that are used are embedded and nothing else. I believe this to be a bug if it doesn't put in the ligature. thanks for you help! 14-21.afpub
  18. it appears that it's the "ti" ligature that is not being transferred.
  19. Hello, I've noticed on that we had a couple of ads, and I am providing one of them, that the fonts that are embedded in a PDF are not passing through correctly in Publisher. This was on 1.9.2 Paulding Carnegie Lib HW 2x2 14.pdf I know there was a new update, but I'm not sure what is going on. The PDF shows the font embedded. I had caught and fixed another ad that did this too. This one I missed before going to print. thanks!
  20. has this been fixed at all? Find and replace should be limited by page, frame, or entire document, I would think.
  21. I guess I could use Designer to make the initial document but the guide manager doesn't work with all the artboards right, does it? I did successfully do our first newspaper edition this week using Publisher instead of Indesign. It actually worked without too many problems. No showstoppers and the separations looked okay for the most part. Some of the ads that gray was specified ended up separating as RGB converted to CMYK and I'm not sure why. If you made sure ahead of time that the color in the ads were 0 0 0 100 then the colors translated to the correct plate.
  22. how much space do you have free on your SSD? How much memory do you have? I worked in Publisher all day long yesterday and never got the beach ball once.
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