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  1. I have also found this to be a problem especially after working with indesign. basically removing the option of dragging text around would solve the problem.
  2. @Padura I'm having fun trying to reproduce what you have made, BUT I can't seem to get the same thing. It's interesting for sure but when i apply the shadows you can see all of my cuts. What's the secret to that? Thanks!
  3. First and foremost is it is a native Mac application. Pageplus was never designed for MacOS. That is huge! Artboards, multiple strokes, Studiolink, infinite document size (I haven't been able to max it out), and very smooth operation (best on Mac because of Metal). I had Pageplus since about 1992 (vs 2.0 I think) and it was a great product for it's time. By 2000 it was clearly dated and not keeping up just as Aldus Pagemaker was not, and it moved towards the MS Publisher way of doing things. It had unique things that I really liked but the work coming out of it was just not what prepress and printers could use without serious modifications in the PDFs. If you liked wizards you probably won't like Affinity Publisher or Designer. Affinity is truly for creatives who want complete control and not a bunch of templates where it inserts your information on to whichever "design" you like. If you like having an amazing amount of control over the entire look and feel, then Affinity is right for you. If you have specific tools that you want to know, just ask, and it will be confirmed for you.
  4. Depending on the screen you are in Black and the gray category shows up differently - and separates differently. You can see here that I have 15% black selected in the "Gray" swatch. I noticed that it always uses CMY&K when in the color sliders studio when it should be just K. Now if I make my own swatch Black stays in K. If I go to edit any of the colors in Gray it shows the correct percentage in black, even though the studio shows it's not. The document is in CMYK - which is what we always work in since we are a print shop. We can easily fix the problem by making sure we do not use the "Gray" pallet and just use our custom colors, but it is a little annoying knowing I can't use gray. Just having it show up two different ways in two of the sliders is puzzling. Can a swatch internally be listed as RGB even though it's got CMYK sliders and the document is in CMYK/8 in the setup? What's the answer here other than to delete the gray swatch and recreate it?
  5. I would love to know what is so special about the knife tool. I'm not trying to be condescending. I've just never found it that useful.
  6. I use the appearance studio quite a bit but I'm wondering how do you expand the stroke so you can do the editing that Padura did? Everytime I expand the stroke so I can edit it, I get one or the other stroke, not both. You can't seem to cut the strokes at angles nor do the gradient fills line up if you just slice the line.
  7. I like to draw comics and Carl's Barks Uncle scrooge is one of my favorite characters. It's great on the iPad! I can just imagine what the old artists would think of todays tech.
  8. you are correct. The reason I'm not using the picture frame is because if I do I lose the ability to use the transparency tool on it.
  9. I'm not sure what is going on but JPG's work as long as Photo hasn't created a mask. Picture frames, as you can see in the latter part of the video, do not work. If apply the transparency gradation first, then do My mask in photo it then removes the transparency gradient when I finish. Screen_Recording_2019-06-29_at_3_17.47_PM.mov
  10. I have found the same problem. If I crop a picture the transparency tool no longer works on that image. If I do anything in the Photo Persona to the image that when they come back are labled "pixel" in layers, I can no longer use the transparency tool in Publisher or Designer persona. I can still use the layer transparency but that's it. Pictures inside frames also do not allow the transparency tool to work as intended. You can see the line with the dots showing what it's supposed to do, but it doesn't work. I think this might be a bug. I could show a video if need be.
  11. I'm working hard and heavy trying to find if Publisher is going to work for us. I'm having a problem that if I go to crop a picture I lose the stroke around the frame. This is only when the stroke is set to the outside of the frame which I think must be a bug, but maybe it's a feature. If I set the stroke to align from the center of the frame the stroke becomes half size which I don't think it should but that's only because I'm coming from the Adobe world. Screen Recording 2019-06-29 at 9.50.42 AM.mov
  12. For most booklets/books we are using Indesign but this past week we did our first 4 page newspaper spread in Publisher just to try it out. Ran into a few things here and there but overall is succeeded nicely. Almost all of our signage is done in Affinity now. One thing I would like to see in Publisher, sooner rather than later, is Data Merge. In todays world data merge is extremely important for customized mail pieces.
  13. That is why it had named "inverted" in the selection. I tried placing, opening and both crashed Publisher. Opening didn't crash Designer, but it didn't open it either. It just kind of hung. I would click in the app and it wouldd just beep so I had to kill it. It is 12 years old logo. The way I got it to open was save it as an EPS but still have no idea why it would crash the program.
  14. I'm trying to place this PDF into an ad I'm creating and every time it crashes. I can save it as an EPS from Acrobat and then I can open it. Any ideas why? AntwerphardwarelogoINVERTED.pdf
  15. I just spent a half an hour looking for the error on my file and when I finally found it, it wasn't missing anything. I moved the frame a little and the red dot went away. For people who have color blindness issues, I hope that we can get this changed to the program locating the frame with the problem rather than having to search for it.
  16. I am getting the warning but there is nothing to take me to the frame that's causing the issue. I have no idea where it's at. Any idea how to find which frame where there is a lot of color and graphics?
  17. This is a line of text. I tried converting the text to outlines to see if it would make any difference and it did not.
  18. Last week I was able to add multiple strokes just fine from the new 1.7 update. It was very cool. This week It's all grayed out. Am I missing something or did the update change the way it works?
  19. Also, Metal is not new to 1.7. It was implemented last year or the year before and it was also very smooth in Designer. That was a big feature last year along with the iPad Designer version and how smooth it was. What they did implement was Metal 2 and additional metal acceleration.
  20. that's a logical place to start. When it's not obvious I revert back to what I would do in Indesign and that didn't work. I made the change but it seems to only effect the current document and not set as a new document default. I'm still checking. Thanks!
  21. Thank you! I sent the email yesterday and I'll be checking my email when I get to work soon. Thanks!
  22. That was the magical menu item I'd been looking for!! Thanks! I had not seen that anywhere else when searching.
  23. I wish I could be more help but I am running MacOS. I had the same issue at first. I then tried did those suggestions in that order and it worked. Have you tried rebooting?
  24. 1st be sure publisher is closed. 2. Check for updates and ensure you have 1.7.1 of photo. 3. Load photo and make sure it opens. 4 Close Photo and open publisher. Done.
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