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  1. Hi I'm trying to set up an index in publisher but am having a few problems with the settings I am trying to get. I've managed to get the section headers in bold and red like I want, then I have the title of the article in the regular font and not in bold, but I'm trying to get the page number in red and bold, plus I'd like to have the page number aligned to the right side of the column. I used to be able to do it in InDesign but I can't get it to work on Publisher. I've changed all the Index entries on my text styles including Index Entry Page Number, but the page number doesn't come out in red and bold as I have it set in Index Entry Page Number style. There also isn't the option in that setting box to align the page number to the right. If I highlight the page number and click on Index Entry Page Number it will come out bold and red but it won't do it automatically and I can't get just the number to align right. When I add in an entry the page number ends up right next to the article name. Is it possible to do what I want or will I have to sort it out manually? Thanks Jo
  2. Does any one know if you will be able to package all the files used in publisher? I like to package up the image files that I've used in the magazine at the end of the month so that if someone wants their advert from June 2015 for example I can just go to the folder for that month and all the adverts used in that edition will be in one folder. I'm not bothered about saving the fonts or giving the information to a printer, it's just for me to keep control of the files used. Or is there another way I can save all the images into a folder? I'd like to try and find out before I buy the program as it's an important feature to me. Thanks!
  3. I'm trying not to use Photoshop any more which is why I'm trying to sort this out for AP or AD. I'd rather work out the problem in AP. Thanks for that. So can i convert the text to shapes in AD and AP when I open the file up?
  4. Thanks. I thought I was doing something wrong. Guess I'll have to try retyping the text and hopefully it will look ok.
  5. Hi I've got an advert a customer sent me in pdf that I needed to open up to convert it from RGB to CYMK and to check the quality of it before I put it into my magazine. However when I open the file up the text on the left hand side of the advert has gone all squashed up and you can't read it. If I open it in Photoshop then it is fine, but if I open it in AD or AP it is unreadable. I'm not sure why it is doing it and how to stop it happening. Both programs say I have all the fonts used so it's not replacing the fonts. Thanks Healthy H20 May19 original.pdf
  6. Thank you both. That seems to have worked ok this time. I saved the page as a PDF using the Default PDF Output Style and it seems to have saved it correctly this time. So when I make up adverts I'm best to save them as PDF from AD and then import them into Quark. I used to save as EPS and then distill it when I was using InDesign cause I had a problem once when I saved it straight to PDF. I saved it by saving all pages as EPS this last month with Quark because it took so long to save all the pages together and then it crashed because of a couple of adverts that it didn't like so I had to start the save all over again.
  7. Hi @MikeW Where do I find the colour profile in QXP? I looked in preferences and this is all I could find.
  8. I'm on a Mac. If you look at my original post and the post just above this one you will see the difference in colour. March 2019_061.pdf in the post above is how the advert saved originally on the page. The BWB advert is completely the wrong shade of green in the logo. I have downloaded AP but all my files with articles on are in Word format and you can't import Word into Publisher. I also need to be able to package up the final file with all the images used in the file to save the month's adverts in one place as I get people coming back a year later saying they want to re-use the advert they had in October 2017 for example so it's easier to just go to the folder for October 2017 and find their advert in there other than hunt amongst all the old adverts I have saved.
  9. Hi @MikeW, Sorry for the delay in replying. I've attached the AD file for you to see. The customer sent me the file in jpg and I joined the two jpgs into one AD file to put in place in the magazine. I've also attached the original pdf to show the colour difference that happened when I saved the magazine originally. I've also attached the settings for printing that I had for Quark to see if the settings are wrong in any way. I just used the original print setting and changed it to save individual pages as saving as one file took a long time to save. Thanks Jo Dog Sitting Murcia Mar19.afdesign March 2019_061.pdf
  10. I've just started using Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and QuarkXpress 2018 as I'm trying to move away from Photoshop and InDesign for producing my magazine. I normally import my PSD files into InDesign and then export the file as a PDF for the printer. This month I decided to use AD, AP and QuarkXpress instead, so I saved the adverts as PDF to import into QuarkXpress. When I looked at the files in Quark they looked fine but when I exported the whole magazine into PDF the colours had changed on some of the adverts. So I had to go back to AD and resave the files as eps. But a couple of the adverts that were sent in as JPG that I converted to EPS in AP went screwy when I saved them as PDF and had big boxes covering some of the letters. So now I'm not sure the best format to save files in to import them into Quark. I'm not sure if it's a problem with what I'm doing in AD and AP or if it's a problem with Quark. I've attached two of the files to show the problem. The PDF coverted from eps is the right colours and the PDF saved from quark is the result from me saving the AD file as a PDF, importing it into Quark and then exporting the page to PDF for the printer. Hopefully it makes sense cause I'd like to work out the problem before next month so I can carry on using AD and AP as I really like them. PDF convert from eps.pdf PDF saved from quark.pdf

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