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  1. Ok thanks for looking for me. I don't get why it happened cause they were fine last month. The printer has used the PDF for print this month and is letting me know if it all goes ok and i can use that in the future.
  2. Thanks Gabe. Have uploaded the publisher file and some of the advert files that are in designer that all gave me problems when I was trying to save the pdf/x-4. I tried copying the text layers and rasterising them in case it was the fonts causing the problems. They all saved fine last month and I haven't changed anything on the files except where I rasterised the text to get it to save. Thanks Jo
  3. I am having problems exporting my magazine to pdf/x-4 for the printer. I am using the same files that I used last month that were designed in AD and I had no problem with them last month. This month it keeps coming up with a failed message when I am exporting. I have tried to put in the same file from last month and it still fails but last month it saved them without a problem. The files are all stored on the hard drive of my iMac so it's not a problem from them being in the cloud. I've tried to use my Macbook pro as well to save the files and get the same problem. I ha
  4. I now have everything saved on my computer and not in google drive to see how it all goes when I do the magazine. I was working on the magazine today and everything was fine until I was about ¾ of the way through putting the adverts in place - I always have them linked incase I need to make changes to the original files so the advert gets changed in the magazine file. I had lots of messages about the file not being able to be written to and having a few corrupt files. Luckily I had been saving a version to google drive as I was going along. I was able to download a version from google d
  5. This changes the whole image to greyscale but I only want to change the black text on the image to 100% black. I'll try the Find and replace for the text. I didn't know you could do that. Thanks.
  6. I had the magazine template on my hard drive and the adverts are on google drive because I thought they would be ok on there as I haven't had a problem with those file so I can work on them at home and the office. The articles are in word documents that are saved in dropbox as the editor saves them in there for me as we live in different countries and it is easier to share the files like that. I've moved the adverts onto my computer and out of google drive now so I will work on it all at the office rather than home. Hopefully that will sort the problem out. Not sure how I can sort ou
  7. Hi Dan Sorry to be a pain. I just started on the next magazine and it's already saying I can't save to that file. I made a new magazine template so that it shouldn't have any of the problems of the previous file. I have saved the file to a folder in my documents folder rather than to google drive like you suggested. I added in two articles and adverts and then it said I couldn't save to that file anymore. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and if it's my computer throwing the crap at me. Any ideas? I've just made a template up on Quark to use that instead but holy crap it's horrible
  8. Hi The printing company that we use for our magazine is complaining that the pdf I send him using Publisher doesn't have 100% black in it. So I have been through and changed all the adverts I've made up in Designer to 100% black but if I get an advert sent in as a jpg and the black on the advert isn't 100% how can I sort that out? Last month he wanted me to export the file as pdf/x-4 and that was supposed to make everything right for him but it didn't work as he was complaining again about the black. Also I get some word documents that I import in that aren't 100% black but becaus
  9. I did the First Aid yesterday and it said the hard drive was fine. So no idea why the pdf went screwy! Oh well. Thanks for trying with the file. I figured it was too far gone. I used Google Drive so I could work from home as well as from the office but I think I'm going to just work on the office computer with the Publisher files and see if that makes a difference. I will upload the files via Chrome in future for a back up though if you think that is safer than the desktop app.
  10. I saved it to the desktop and then copied and pasted a copy into Google Drive. When I went to open it I opened the desktop file first and when that wouldn't open I opened the Google Drive version and that did the same. I don't have any third party backup software on the computer. I just use Time Machine. I'll run a disk utility and see what happens. I'm hoping it is not a hard drive problem as I have only just got a replacement computer cause the drive failed before.
  11. The printer was complaining that the black in the pdf I saved wasn't 100% black so I had gone through all the adverts and changed the text to 100% black. I then exported to pdf/x-4 300 dpi and closed the file. I wanted to make a new template up using some of the information from the file so went to open it and got that message. When the printer went to open the pdf it is just full of gobbledygook. So I'll upload that as well for you to look at.
  12. Hi Dan So I managed to get a version of the file to work so I could get the magazine to the printer. I was working on it today from the desktop where I had saved it, closed it down and then went to reopen it. But now I get a message saying that the file type isn't supported and the file size has gone down from 18mb to 1.5mb. I tried to open the copy I had saved into my google drive file and it did exactly the same thing. Any ideas why it happened? I'm assuming the file is completely useless now and can't be saved. Thanks
  13. Thanks for the info. I've just reset the permissions on my Home folder and saved the file without any problems, so hopefully that has sorted the problem. Am I better to save the file to my desktop or am I ok to save it to google drive? That's great that the problem with placing the file will be sorted in the next update.
  14. I also added in a word document called "St Valentine's Day Feb updated" that causes the Publisher file to hang every time I try and import it into the file I am working on. Not sure if it is of any help or not.
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