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  1. Hello, Great update, Is there and info on when the jpeg metadata will be fixed as it still does not work as it should. Regards Chris Keep up the great work guys.
  2. Hello all, I have just downloaded and tested the beta and the export persona still can not export jpeg with embed metadata, it still exports any file at 72ppi, was this issue fixed or is it still on the todo list as export with metadata is of extreme importance for my work flow, with out metadata affinity photo is almost no use to me. sorry to sound over the top about this but it really is needed. Regards Chris
  3. Hello sophialiu, Thank you for your input, but I think you may have miss read what the problem is currently with the export options in AP, The export for jpeg is exporting images with little compression creating unnecessarily large files with out any information the help section to inform users of this quirk when compared to exporting files from say photoshop, I hope the help section of AP will be updated with jpeg save %'s to explain the benifits and draw backs to using say 85% - 90% - 100% on the quality slider. Regards Chris
  4. Hello Sean, Thank you again for checking these problems, as you can guess not being able to save a jpeg or tiff at the correct size with meta data included does make life difficult, I process 100+ of images a day and have to use photoshop for any thing I need to keep meta data in which is not ideal, I do understand that software dev is not an easy task at the best of time and with any new software there will be bugs but the need to be able to save your output correctly every time is a major problem for any one who works on as many images as I do, please keep the community updated, so we can make an informed decision on the use of affinity software in our work flow. Regards Chris
  5. Hello Sean, I think I have reported all of the current software problems, Here is a list of the ones I run into the most: AP : rotate image/document incorrect save between landscape and portrait jpeg file over size when saved compared too PS Meta Data file corruption to exported jpeg file dimensions (also affects tif) Thanks for all the help Regards Chris
  6. Hello Sean, Thank you for checking on this issue with the file size and meta data, any chance of a very rough time scale for the next update for AP and AD ( not going to hold you to any info you give and software timelines are very flexible). As AP really does not an update to fix a few very annoying software errors which force me to use adobe. Regards Chris
  7. gave up with the upload and created a download link for mediafire, which will be live till monday. All images are meant to be 300ppi, 23.4"x33.1" jpeg, 8-bit, adobeRGB1998, best Q L12/100% Standard encoding. Regards Chris
  8. HI, Im trying to upload more sample file, but keeps error -200 on me, will keep trying. Regards Chris 1891b_AP_v1_em_meta.jpg
  9. Hello, I have checked again with the jpegs, their is a slight dif when using "differance" blend mode, I will attach the AP file so you can have a look, I have found that the meta data is still messing with the dimension image was exported as 300ppi, 23.4"x33.1" Adobe bridge reads the expected dimensions but when you open the image in AP or PS the image size is 33"x48" 207ppi, but that has not made any dif to the mb of the file. Please check the file attached. 1891b_PS_AP_Layered.afphoto
  10. Hello TEcHNOpls, Thank you for the reply, I did as you suggested but I had to save the AP png with 8-bit, palettised "OFF" as it would not export the file hanged on export process window. PS file size png = 199mb AP file size png = 49mb dont know why the huge diff overlayed AP png on top of PS png in Affinity Photo and set blend to difference on AP result was 100% black, I assume that means 0% dif between the 2 images. Did the same with the jpegs with same result 100% black. So I have no idea what may or may not be happening here file size wise. any and all suggestion/answers welcome. Regards Chris
  11. Hello, I have just run a few tests against PhotoShop CS6 and Affinity Photo on saving/exporting Jpeg files, starting with a 6.46mb 1422px x 2013px 207ppi JPEG assigning adobe rgb1998 resize too 7020px x 9930px 300ppi PhotoShop : saved quality 12, options base line standard jpeg : 28.47mb Affinity Photo exported : jpeg best, progressive OFF, quality 100%, embed icc, embed meta : 46.33mb any idea why the huge file from AP Regards Chris p.s Windows 10, AP
  12. ok, thank you for the info
  13. Hello, I have checked the forum but did not find this rotate issue, when I open any image file and then rotate via document menu and try to export via export persona it saves the file with the original orientation but the image it self will be rotated regardless, have attached image to show what I mean. also you can not undo the rotate and then export the image file as it just makes the rotation problem worse, you need to close and reopen the image without saving thank you for the help regards chris
  14. Hello, I have had a look through the forum and did not find a topic about this or I may of missed it. I have a HP Spectre x360 and would like too know how to set up affinity designer for use in tablet mode as the keyboard when in tablet mode is on the underside of the screen so things link holding ctrl or shift are a problem, is their a way of setting up on screen keys without opening the onscreen keyboard as this blocks a large section of the screen making it unusable. Thank you for any help and suggestions. Regards Chris
  15. ok thx, is their an eta for the next major update (rough guess is fine, wont hold you too it) thx chris p.s. great software but the macro's and the above format issue is stopping me from getting rid of photoshop.