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  1. artphotopro

    Microsoft Windows Developer Awards 2018

    Just voted for AFD
  2. artphotopro

    tif file crash

    Hello, I think that image was created in photoshop cs4 around 2012 (may be). can not be sure about date created. If you require any more info please contact me. Regards Chris
  3. artphotopro

    tif file crash

    Hello Affinity, I have managed to crash AFP with a tif file, I have included the file and the screen grab of the error. Regards Chris _DSC0544_artphoto_007569.tif
  4. Hello Affinity Support, Do you have an update on the jpeg embed metadata problem or a upcoming fix, as I really need metadata in my jpegs as a use D.A.M and losing metadata is really a BIG problem and lots of afp/afd users have commented on this bug. Are there other export formats I can use that will not suffer the problem. Regards Chris
  5. artphotopro

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    Hello Chris, Thank you for the info, I have checked the edited file you were kind enough too send back, It seems the best solution is too not use symbols on anything that requires masks/crops or large patterns, I understand Affinity Designer and Photo are still very early in their version history and we will still encounter problems probably up to version 10-15, this can not be helped, small teams can only do so much. I appreciate all the help you guys offer and how great affinity software is at this early stage, I look forward too seeing the updates/bug fixes/improvements in the future, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK. Regards Chris
  6. artphotopro

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    Hello Chris, I will download the file, will have a look once afd has exported the current file to psd (thought I would send it over to you guys if it works), When you checked my file over was there any mistakes I made with the layout that could simplify the next one I make along these lines. I don't expect a full "how to" any anything like that, just a pointer or two if you have time. Thank you for all of the help you have given. Regards Chris
  7. artphotopro

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    Hello Chris, Hope you had a good weekend, Did you get any further with the file I sent over. Regards Chris
  8. artphotopro

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    Hello Chris, Thank you for the reply, I will look into the link you gave me. Yes I know my file is silly big but I think it may be my inexperience that has created it this large, I was copying the same image file over from afp and pasting it over to afd as I did not want to keep cropping in afp and then undoing it to use another brick, I'm sure their is a better way of building this type of design, I'm just too new to the software to know what it is yet, The design is for a charity I help out now and again, I need to have the wall printed in the next few days as if will be the background for a display that will be opening (will cover about 30ft of wall). The bricks in the symbol have to be about 11" ish each as they will be as close as possible to how the wall looked in real life. Any help you can offer is really appreciated. Regards Chris
  9. artphotopro

    symbol objects mask/crop lost/moved

    Hello Chris B, I am uploading now to drop box, The file as been renamed to include my username, I am still learning AF P & D, please excuse the mess of the layers, I'm sure there is a better way of doing this design, The size is about 350mb, the centre square is the main symbol template, If you try moving the bricks about it normally messes up the crop or mask so the bricks lose location. The other problem I have is I can not get it to tile without gaps, I know I still need to edit some of the blending of edges but its getting there. I have tried to explain the issue, If you have and questions please contact me, I can supply a phone number if easier. Regards Chirs
  10. Hello All, I seem to have a bug where my layered and masked symbol layers will move/disappear at random, I would then need to find the layer and move the mask or crop area back to the correct location. I am trying to build a large 20"x18.55" symbol, The symbol will randomly lose parts of the layers and then will need to either close the file without saving to get the objects back in the correct location or I have to manually find and move each layer back to its location, I can send you the file if needed, I am running ad If you require the file can I send it via wetransfer as I don't want it on the public forum. my last question would be, why can i not get the symbols to tile without gaps ! Regards Chris Edit-- Just uploading 2 images one shows full symbol, second shows resize of brick and disappeared brick. disapearing_brick_gone.afphoto disapearing_brick.afphoto
  11. artphotopro

    Affinity Photo for Windows - 1.6.4

    Hello, Does any one know if the JPEG meta data export has been fixed ?, as I would really like to export jpegs with meta data. Regards Chris
  12. Hello, Great update, Is there and info on when the jpeg metadata will be fixed as it still does not work as it should. Regards Chris Keep up the great work guys.
  13. artphotopro

    Affinity Photo Customer Beta -

    Hello all, I have just downloaded and tested the beta and the export persona still can not export jpeg with embed metadata, it still exports any file at 72ppi, was this issue fixed or is it still on the todo list as export with metadata is of extreme importance for my work flow, with out metadata affinity photo is almost no use to me. sorry to sound over the top about this but it really is needed. Regards Chris
  14. Hello sophialiu, Thank you for your input, but I think you may have miss read what the problem is currently with the export options in AP, The export for jpeg is exporting images with little compression creating unnecessarily large files with out any information the help section to inform users of this quirk when compared to exporting files from say photoshop, I hope the help section of AP will be updated with jpeg save %'s to explain the benifits and draw backs to using say 85% - 90% - 100% on the quality slider. Regards Chris
  15. Hello Sean, Thank you again for checking these problems, as you can guess not being able to save a jpeg or tiff at the correct size with meta data included does make life difficult, I process 100+ of images a day and have to use photoshop for any thing I need to keep meta data in which is not ideal, I do understand that software dev is not an easy task at the best of time and with any new software there will be bugs but the need to be able to save your output correctly every time is a major problem for any one who works on as many images as I do, please keep the community updated, so we can make an informed decision on the use of affinity software in our work flow. Regards Chris