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  1. I must say, that i dont have at the moment so much time to test it deeply, but in latest beta there was no freeze, when i tryed to reproduce it. I have to work a bit longer on some project to definitely say its OK, but at least it is less occuring. By the way - Mark, i would, on your place as dev leader for win, vote for some ticket system for customers. So we dont need to talk about it in most-readed threads to at least get some attention May i ask you aswell about the rotation of the points? i think its just bug that you cannot simply rotate the selected points even in the dialog .... - its grayed for me. If it is so much time to add bounding box with handles, i can understand that, but at least enter numeric representation of angle would be fair.
  2. In official release not, ill test the latest beta, if it is fixed, but on tuesday... dont have time yet.
  3. +1 For icon and vector work its very needed. Scale / rotate / move at least
  4. So, finally had time for some tests etc... firstly, i would like to show you why i call it critical bug - its very frustrating if you see this 3x per minute. Ideally with customer on the skype share screen https://youtu.be/VT655v-rxsk in photoshop - no problem, no freezes in MUCH larger documents. This was just +- 60MB file with <1000 layers in all artworks, +-100 per artwork. now to current situation - last time i checked was some 4weeks ago, when i simply in really bad mood deleted the work and started from scratch in photoshop, because it was every 10seconds. Today i updated to crimson drivers 17.7.2 (from drivers +-3months old ) and i must say its getting significantly better - so it might be acceleration-drivers-related (ill see it in real work, but freezes ocure +- once per minute or two ) In last release of affinity designer beta (.72) is it even better and i saw no freeze so far... So im looking forward to new production release and i hope it will solve this bug forever. Is there some E.T.A. for 1.6 so we can start client work in it ?
  5. sorry radeon pro duo :) 2 cores card....
  6. Hi Mark, thanks for response. - my setup is +- still the same - core i7-5960x, 32G of ram (was 64), AMD core 2 duo graphics card, m.2 system ssd, sata ssd for data. - its my work station, so i have really many apps installed :). aswell hw key for software - rhino 3d. (dont know if it may cause something....) - Back 3/4y no antivirus, now trustport antivirus. Ill try the latest beta available deeply tomorrow, maybe record video and let you know. If you can build some deeper logging beta, would be great.
  7. Hello, anyone there? Devs? 3/4 of year without solving this critical problem?
  8. sadly, noone from serif cares about clients. Im very disapointed about their approach. Firstly i was really happy about having at least some competition to adobe, but more i used it, more i understood its still early beta with zero support.I strongly recomend not buying this piece of software.
  9. Im wondering, how many paying clients you need to start working on such critical problem? We are simply unable to work with your product. And after months of waiting, i would really appreciate a solution from your side. Professional solution, not "have you tryed to turn it on and off again?" Im now really sad panda.
  10. Very usefull post Theppitak... Im not talking about loving it / hating it, but about care about customers, that payed and have problems with the product. Problem that lasts for months.
  11. Yes, its sad that Serif does not care about such critical bug for so long. Im starting to think, that Serif just does not care about their customers. You payed? ok. bye. Oh well, wait, you can pay more for iPad version! This does not work that way guys :( ...
  12. Any news regarding this problem, developers? In larger projects its starting to be a dramatic problem using designer :( This is really critical bug in my eyes.
  13. sadly, i did that aswell, with no success...
  14. Have same problem... with 64G RAM, 16core intel processor, M2 SSD, radeon pro duo, win 10 designer freezes constantly for 3-5s, then 10s working fine, repeat. Have full version, , cant say from when it started, i started to work with designer a lot few weeks ago. Clear didnt work. Any thoughts?
  15. So finally i moved my worflow off the photoshop to designer for GUIs. First i have to say, i admire the way you put effort into changing hegemony of Adobe aswell on windows :) Maybe some points im experiencing just because im new to the software, so sorry in advance, and overall, good job people! i have following things :) Bugs (in my opinion) - auto slices dont work precise - i have 50x artboard 640x680, positioned on whole pixels, no objects overlapping. Still some of the artboards autoslices show 641x480... would help add some kind of "align slice to artboard". - automatic updates of exported slices does not activate if i manually change the slices size.. - editing text on 4k monitor - if i turn on pixel preview, then if i click into the text, and write something, its somehow distorted and lost - seems to me like it does not count with OS DPI settings and the whole detail of text is zoomed? dont really know... when i zoom out, and back in, all back visible and correct. Happens aswell sometimes, not allways... :( - artboards and symbols :) - sometimes (thats again exactly when it happens :) ) when i duplicated artboard containing groups with symbols, those symbols are linked trough all artboards, but aswell their visibility, position etc. So when i hide/move/delete FOLDER XY (symbol), same is done allover the artboards in all instances. I would understand if this happens when i make changes IN the symbol folder - change the specific symbol itself, but not with the folder... ? - zooming in/out - i have document defined in pixels. lets say artboard 0,0,640x480 - inside simple vector layer, rectangle, 0,0, 640,480, with no stroke, just filled. still, artboard and this rectangle does not lay exactly over. there is allways gap between eachother. - pixel persona - when i select something and come back to vector persona, the selection remains with no possibility to remove it? - workspace on 2 monitors - when monitors go sleep, all the windows on second monitor are reseted to first monitor after wakeup (but OMG, it just work to have different DPI monitors with visually same menu sizes! thanks for that ! ;) ) Maybe missed something, or feature request? - i was very happy with one feature from adobe - when selecting in pixel persona with mouse, hold space for adjusting the origin (as it works in creating lets say rectangle in vector) - did i miss something or is it not possible? - unable to find info panel - to see info about selection in pixel persona - subjective slow performance on large multi artboard documents (to be exact 40x 640x480 screens, very simple graphics, few text areas, few vectors) - well i have 64G ram, 16(32) core processor, m.2 fast ssd disks, radeon pro duo, but still simple renaming slice take 4sec to click on it...Any chance for improvement?
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