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  1. To all, Thanks to all & Affinity Team <Affinity@Serif.com> for confirming AP discount deadline is end of working day this Wednesday 3rd July 2019. However, I was thinking I'd be inundated with forumers on more AP positives to make the purchase....h'mmm............ theres still time I guess, where are all tthose SERIF PPv9 users.. Over & out, CJT963
  2. To all, RE: HARD COPY RESOURCE & USER GUIDES: AFFINITY PRODUCT RANGE Being a loyal SERIF user for many years, PPV9, WPV8 & PHOTO+V7. I thought the little (A5/6-ish) hard copy resource guides & user guides one received when purchasing just got straight to the point without any faffing & one could find most things with ease. I realise times have changed & most software (apps--yuke) I've purchased over the last 5/8 years or so don't come with any hard copy manuals, everything is a download, (save-the-trees-&-all-that). But was wondering if the AFFINITY line up of products would consider something similar to download in pdf searchable form ? If that isn't do-able, then perhaps make available the help manuals to be standalone in pdf file format ! Over & out, CJT963
  3. Thats a shame, I was just thinking the same. Over & out, CJT963
  4. To all, Not too sure how many days are left for the discount on AFFINITY-PUBLISHER, perhaps someone could clarify ? Now that AFFINITY-PUBLISHER is out, I wondering if there were any PPv9 users (like me) who've made the jump & can share any thoughts between the two, i.e. PROS' & CONS'. Just need a nudge to finally make up my mind about purchasing AFFINITY-PUBLISHER.
  5. To all, RE: AFFINITY DESIGNER VS AFFINITY PUBLISHER I confess when I purchased AFFINITY DESIGNER, I thought it was a replacement for SERIF-PagePlus-9. I still use PP9 more so than AFFINITY DESIGNER, mainly because I find PP9 more intuitive with the UI in just finding basic tools & the help file in AFFINITY DESIGNER not much help either. I do on accasions give AFFINITY DESIGNER a further attempt with some success, but can get so frustrated at times, I end up going back to PP9 to get the task done. I just updated it to ver, so not too sure if any fundermental changes. Is there an update list somewhere ? Anyway rant over, I really wanted to know what the main differences are between AFFINITY DESIGNER & AFFINITY PUBLISHER ? & perhaps the latter would suit me better ? Over & out, CJT963
  6. To all, Still trying to learn AFFINITY DESIGNER from SERIF PAGEPLUS ver-X9. What is the equivalent AD tool that SPP has called the PICTURE TRANSPARENCY TOOL. In essence, if you imported a picture with a background colour, this tool would show that picture in pop up window & you could click around the picture area to be transparent. How is this done in AD ?
  7. To all, Count me in.....need this tool ...... import & export for DWG or DXF or both like.....yesterday. So AFFINITY team, when do you think this will happen ? An approx. time on this would give some clarity. Ps. Still finding SERIF-PP-09 easier to use, although I do flip back from time to time to AFFINITY, just finding how to do simple stuff drags me back to PP-09. More work on the help file I guess. Is the help manual being improved at all or available in pdf ?
  8. To all, RE: TRANSITIONING FROM SERIF TO AFFINITY.... :( Although I've used SERIF PAGEPLUS for some years now, I'm not a heavy user, perhaps once a week or so. I mainly use it for my own small business with created forms & imported pdf forms for text insertion & the odd bit of created dtp on architectural floor plans, being my main business. I've find serif quite easy to navigate & really good with importing pdf files. Although I realise AFFINITY products are now taking over from SERIF products, I never realised that there would be an equivalent suite of AFFINITY products. I confess not to be paying too much attention in this regard, but when I first purchased AFFINITY DESIGNER, I thought this was a one stop product so to speak. i.e. dtp, photo editor & draw etc. in one. Anyway I've been switching backwards & forwards between SERIF PAGEPLUS (x8) & AFFINITY DESIGNER for a while now, but unfortunately moreover residing back to SERIF PAGE PLUS. It may be me, but I'm just finding AFFINITY not as intuitive to use as PAGEPLUS. I know I voiced a post on this forum when I first got AFFINITY, my issue at that time was just finding basic things on the help menu. However the help menu, like most products is vital to learning a product, this is perhaps where I think the help menu could be improved. I was also wondering if there was some further tutorial info out there that looked at comparing the basics in SERIF PAGEPLUS & how we achieve like for like in AFFINITY, just a thought. I know AFFINITY PUBLISHER is on the cards soon, so perhaps this product will be better aligned to SERIF PAGEPLUS USERS such as me. But in the meantime, I think I might just buy SERIF PAGEPLUS X9 & stick with that, if AFFINITY PUBLISHER isn't going to be more intuitive to use, or at least a better help menu. Over & out, CJT963
  9. To all, More on Newbie questions: Brightness and Contrast adjustment to an imported photo. I just can't find this, I don't even understand the help menu. Wood-for-trees-I-guess..??
  10. Hi Chris B, I know new software takes time to get use to, but when SERIF PP already paved the way for AD, it seems a back step to leave these common sense items out of the bag :rolleyes: I just hope the bag doesn't turn into a skip on further use. :( Over & out, CJT1963
  11. Newbie question, The line tool (pen) in SERIF PP-X8 had an option to have arrows to ends of lines, where is this in AD.? Over & out, CJT1963
  12. Hi MEB, Thanks, I just explored that the split second before your reply came in. I still think AD needs an IMPORT button right next to the EXPORT button. That type of thought process to the interface design isn't very naural in my opinion. The help file did give a long winded explanation under - Open documents and images, however you have read that before understanding the mind-set. However one simple button called 'IMPORT' would have been far more straight forward & an easy find.... :rolleyes: :rolleyes: Over & out, CJT1963.
  13. Never say never Andy... :rolleyes: I've just arrived ere from SERIF PP-X8, not used AD yet, well I just did & got stuck, see my other post on that. However, I don't like the sound of not being able to import my PP-X8 files direct with all the formatting in place...h'mm. back to PP-X8.. :huh: Over & out, CJT1963
  14. To all, no import button ? I'm new to AFFINITY, not used it before, purchased it on the back of SERIF products. My DTP is currently SERIF PAGEPLUS-X8. It's only taken me 5mins to get stuck already. I wanted to import a pdf file, Just like I would in SERIF PP-X8, but I can't see a button/icon or help topic on this ? I don't usually get floored in that short amount of time, oh well, anyone with an answer please... :unsure: Over & out, CJT1963
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