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  1. Agreed. I'd rather see a solid Adobe competitor than another washed out Corel*. *Corel offers some products on linux.
  2. Windows 10 tipped the balance to force me from Windows 7 to OSX. It's just so ugly. One major reason the high end 3D world is in linux is because they can hook up 100's of machines in parallel.
  3. Suckage: Windows: closed source, limited hard drive formats, UI aesthetics (win10), registry, spying(win10), recovery options, cost OSX: closed source (gui), reliability, limited hard drive formats, closed ecosystem, recovery options, cost Linux: limited commercial software and drivers, too many distributions
  4. Yep, sounds familiar. I ran Virtualbox for a while to get Adobe stuff on linux. Some of the 3D stuff wouldn't work in the virtual environment so I went to a full Win 7 install, then finally OSX. Both Windows and OSX really suck, in different ways.
  5. This reminds me of an experience I've had over and over in using Linux side by side with Windows. Drivers and software are fully developed for windows. Then some offering is made for linux in command line form. Or, an application is available, but you have to compile it yourself. Support is limited, except comments by other linux users.
  6. What would really blow me away is a common asset manager on mac/linux. Use the available database and sql tools with common coding within unix/linux. Create a way to port overall all info from Lightroom and offer real SQL queries. If enough people install it on linux, then you'll have the justification to port Affinity Photo. Two reasons that I don't use Affinity Photo more often: 1. inertia, because psd files show up up in Lightroom ( but Adobe, why not psb files! ) 2. occasional use of PS for making videos
  7. Maybe Photo or Designer wouldn't move the linux world, but imagine an integrated system with distributed asset management on a server or NAS. Lightroom doesn't play well with network drives. Another opportunity is integrated software plus hardware on a low cost tablet.
  8. Great thread! A single killer app could get a lot of people to use linux. Like Apache for servers. Or like the visicalc spreadsheet when PCs first came out.
  9. It's still good software. Bargain compared to what I'm spending on Adobe. And it does some things better than ps.
  10. Too bad about this Aero constraint. Affinity Photo installed on my desktop, but upon start it says that Aero is not enabled, despite my Win7/64bit having an Aero theme and all the performance checkmarks enabled. So, I'm guessing this has something to do with my Nvidia graphics card. All my other software runs fine (eg. Adobe Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC). Photo runs fine on my laptop (Lenovo T460s, win7/64bit) and I like it. Nice and snappy behavior with adjustments, selections, and layers. I like the channels and am getting use to the slightly different masking behavior. HDR was a bit slow in merging 5 images, though.
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