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  1. I have imported an SVG file into affinity designer and it does not import correctly. The design is out of alignment. When I import it into adobe illustrator it is correct. Any ideas on how to fix? file attached. NotesHolder (1).svg
  2. I have a design created in Affinity Designer on my MacBook Pro that prints smaller than what is shown on screen. My design is 3.5” square (as measured by rulers in program) on the screen, but when I print (export) it to pdf, the actual printed image is 3 1/8” . The screen calculated size should equal printed size.
  3. I would like to see image trace added to Affinity Designer. Anybody else intersted in this feature?
  4. Is anybody having problem with symbols?  I created a symbol and deleted it in the symbol menu.  When I tried to create a new symbol, I was unable to create a symbol.  This is an error in the program for mac.

    1. Leigh


      Please ask questions like this in the public Questions forum where any member of staff can answer it, not here in the users status area

  5. I wanted to design with Affinity Designer, but when I create an object with no fill and just a stroke and check it for laser cutting double lines show up. Adobe illustrator and Inkscape do not have this problem. Any ideas how to correct this issue?
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