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  1. It sounds reasonable & is probably what is happening, but I'm not convinced it's the whole story. Also, I can't see the effect of any chosen radius value without committing to the change. I have another macro that adds a graduated ND filter effect & it is configured to allow you to set the strength, brightness & contrast interactively when the macro is run. It puts up a dialogue box & waits for me to choose the required values (which it does on the fly: I can see what effect changing the sliders has on the image) before clicking the Apply button to get the macro to complete, & at no point is a Preview box displayed. In fairness, I have other macros that don't let me preview their effect.
  2. Affinity Photo v1.7.1.404 (Windows) After viewing the macro tutorial video I generated the macro following the steps then clicked the settings icon to activate user interaction on how much to grow the selections before triggering the inpainting process. When I run the macro it displays a box with the text Preview: Inpaint after Rotate CRH1, as well as the Grow/Shrink radius settings dialogue box. However, after a couple of seconds the macro continues without waiting for the user input (that is, I haven't clicked the Apply button) & completes the operation with the settings dialogue still visible. If I then click the Cancel button the macro actions are undone, or if I click the Apply button it seems to run the macro a second time, although nothing changes. In the tutorial video a Preview box is not seen, so I do not understand why it appears when I run the macro. Also, I was expecting the macro to wait until I click the Apply button. Is the macro behaving as expected, & if so, how do I get it to let me change the grow/shrink radius value interactively when running it? I attach a screenshot showing the two boxes as described above, & the .afmacro file of the exported macro. crh1.afmacro
  3. Thanks Carl for that useful bit of lateral thinking. I'm busy with other stuff at the moment, but I'll try it out later :-) Later...it works, reducing the clutter by placing the unwanted default presets out of sight at the bottom of the list.
  4. Closed down & restarted my PC. I opened an image file, selected the crop tool & set the custom ratio to 7x5. Selected the cog icon & the option to Create Preset... was highlighted. I was able to create a custom preset in my custom preset category. My custom preset category now appears in the dropdown list & my custom preset can be selected & used as expected. Tried to add a second (5x7) custom ratio following the above procedure, but the Create Preset... option was not highlighted (ie, cannot be selected). Shutdown & restarted Affinity Photo. Tried to add a second (5x7) custom ratio following the above procedure, but the Create Preset... option was not highlighted (ie, cannot be selected). I can of course start from scratch every time I want to apply a crop, but that is not really acceptable. Can someone explain how to add custom presets? And is it intentionally not possible to remove unwanted default presets?
  5. I recently installed version over an existing version of Affinity Photo and using the tool is causing me all sorts of problems: All my existing custom presets have disappeared; this did not happen in previous updates. The number of default presets has increased greatly, the vast majority of which are of no interest to me. The resulting long list in unwieldy in use. Attempts to delete default presets fail (nothing happens initially), followed by the program instance closing down without any warning or explanatory error message. That is, the options seem to be worse than non-functional. Having read the built-in help I discovered the Presets Manager, but the delete options there are not highlighted (ie, they cannot be selected) for category presets within the categories. So it appears that the long unwieldy default presets list is a permanent feature of v1.7! I can add a custom preset category using the Presets Manager. I can see no way of adding custom presets to my newly created category; There is an option to import presets to the category, but regrettably I did not have the foresight to export my existing crop presets before upgrading to v1.7.x. There is an option to Create Preset... after clicking the cog icon, but it is not highlighted (ie, it cannot be selected). During my attempts to create my own presets I have somehow created a new category without a name in the Presets Manager; I cannot now delete it or give it a name. I did manage to move it to the top of the category list, but cannot now move it anywhere else :-) Never mind, it does not appear main crop tool list of presets. My newly created (named) category does not appear in the main crop tool list of presets...possibly because it is empty (see above). Just clicking on the crop tool cog icon is often enough to terminate the program (no warning or error messages given). Maybe all these problems will disappear if I reboot my PC, I will try that after submitting this report.
  6. Thanks, Shift-click seems to work. I was seeing a bounding box surrounding all the selected items and just assumed that it meant all items in the box were in scope of the selection, but as you say, that is not the case. On a page I would have expected the Ctrl-click to work here, but it does something weird: In my experiments it is selecting items within a group and potentially disrupting the existing group, which is not something I want to do accidentally.
  7. Thanks for the comments on Assets, which make them more useful to me :-) The primary purpose of my comment relates to selecting objects & the attached image was just to give an example of my difficulty.
  8. I have several small graphics items laid out in a grid for my convenience and I need to select several of them to duplicate and use elsewhere in the document. I can drag a selection rectangle enclosing several adjacent items to select them, but I cannot find a way of selecting several non-adjacent items. I've tried using combinations of the Shift, Alt and Ctrl keys to add/remove from the selection but nothing seems to work. At the moment I either have to select, copy and move a super set of the items and then delete the unwanted items or else select, copy and move individual items. Is there a way of doing this? The attached screen grab image hopefully makes it clearer: For example, how would I make a selection of just the C7, E7 and F7 chord diagrams? If I were using PPX9 I'd put the items on the pasteboard so that they were easily accessible for all pages, but I understand it is a design decision not to share a common pasteboard across all pages in Affinity Publisher. I also briefly investigated making the items assets, but that didn't seem a practical way forward to me once I saw the size of the diagrams in the Assets tab.
  9. Thanks. I had search for posts on this problem and hadn't realised it had taken me to the Mac bugs forum.
  10. I'm still unable to delete default presets (eg: 6" X 4" or 8.5" X 11"). Has any progress been made on this bug since the last post (in May last year)? I'm using the Windows version of Affinity Photo.
  11. Hi, I've been trying various things since then and the problem I reported is no longer an issue. Not sure what was going on originally, all I can say is that during that session working with gradients was consistently causing severe problems, several restarts of AP made no difference, nothing else I did in AP at that time gave me those symptoms & otherwise the PC was behaving normally. Thank you for your response, but I cannot now reproduce the problem.
  12. I'm trying to do a tutorial using gradients and AP is very slow when working with gradients. Very slow in this case means unusably slow: It keeps becoming unresponsive for several seconds at a time (an information window comes up saying it is unresponsive!). Delays for many operations can take several seconds even it if is responding, which often means I accidentally issue a command twice. I'm the built-in Intel graphics so I'm used to a slight sluggishness in some operations, but gradients are far worse than anything else I've tried to use in the last 2-3 months. Is there a problem with the gradients implementation? I'm using AP v1.5.1.54 on a Windows 10 PC with an Intel Core i5 3330 CPU, 8GB RAM & the OS installed on a SSD drive.
  13. ciscrh

    Crop Apply fails

    Hi, I've not experienced the crop problem at all since my last post on 20th December, despite using AP quite a lot since then :-) Whatever was triggering the problem is no longer longer doing so, and just about all my image editing sessions involve multiple crop operations. I suspect something has changed on my PC set-up, but I don't know what.
  14. ciscrh

    Crop Apply fails

    I'm still getting the problem quite often, but I can't identify a pattern of actions that cause it. The first image in a session usually works and thereafter for each subsequent image I do the crop action first (just about all my image processing actions include a crop) to minimise the wasted time if it doesn't work. Once the apply button fails I've never managed to get it working again except by closing down and restarting the AP session.

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