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  1. I am using AP latest app store version 1.6.7… when multiple files are opened I noticed that one cannot access other opened documents through the "Window" menu as it only lists the single current tab in focus, but when going into separated mode, it functions normal as expect, going to the "Window" menu lists all the opened document to access. Yes when using tabbed mode interface, once can simply click the tab itself to access the opened file, however some of us prefer the listed option through the "Window" menu to navigate and it can be unnecessarily cumbersome to switch over to separated mode everytime to use the "Window" menu if the user prefers to never use separated mode to begin with. Also some of us prefer to stick to dark color interface, but often using the "Window" menu to select a document is easier to read as Mac OSX default menu colors are much lighter with larger text making it easier to identify at a glance. Please consider, adding a way to list all opened documents through the "Window" menu when not only in isolated mode, tabbed mode would be great too.
  2. Has there been discussion/progress on implementing simple 1 Bit color mode for graphics within Photo? For now, pretty much have to stick with PS in order to convert my art to this mode, as of the latest version of Photo, I'm still quite shocked this is still missing, particularly for when Publisher comes out, using these graphics for certain kinds of graphics are smaller (low memory resource) and great for colorizing the graphic within the page-layout app itself as InDesign and Quark have had for years. Thank you
  3. I am wondering if any further improvements are planned for the crop tool? One trick I enjoyed from PS is proportionally cropping by holding the "alt" key, I noticed that as of betas 1.5.x that this is still not possible. Hopefully the gif demonstrates what I am referring to. Thanks
  4. decimate555

    DNG RAW crashes AP 1.5.1 (Beta)

    Hello, Using AP on Mac OS 10.12.1 Sierra. AP version 1.5.1 (Beta 1). Attempting to open a RAW DNG that crashes the App Store version and latest beta. Single file upload limit is 20mb, my file zipped is 41.4mb, how can I attach the file for your review? Thank you.
  5. decimate555

    DNG RAW crashes AP 1.5.1 (Beta)

    Thank you Chris, Used the link and zip file uploaded. Hopefully the cause of the crashing will be quickly fixed. IMG_0913-hdr.dng.zip
  6. One feature I use extensively with InDesign is the overall graphic preview while resizing an image frame which is very useful for knowing on the fly how much to shrink or expand the frame or to get an idea of how much clipping is on the image without having to resize everything out. It works by holding down the handles a second longer to activate that mode. Has something like this already been considered for Publisher? If not, I'd like to at least put it out there as a possible feature that I know many would love.
  7. Would love a way to auto import or have an option for immediately bringing in global swatches into or from an embedded image for a current working open file without having to do the whole export/import/clipboard palette workaround. Thanks!
  8. Hello, When exporting this logo to EPS or PDF (haven't tried all formats), I'm losing a piece of the dash detail from the source file. Source file attached too. AD 1.5.1 Thank you SJI Logo Final.afdesign
  9. decimate555

    Mask thumbnail selected?

    With AP… when selecting the object on a layer, then clicking the mask button, the mask thumbnail itself is not shown as selected (bouble border overlay), yet when selecting a brush and starting to brush on the mask, it works immediately. For the user it's does not appear clearly that the mask layer is ready to paint over right after it's created, because usually a selected layer thumbnail would have the extra white border over it. When creating a mask, would it be better that the white border overlay on the thumbnail be auto-selected by default? Is this by design?
  10. decimate555

    Brush Diameter Not Correct

    In the attached screen animation it shows a brush with 100% opacity and hardness yet the brush perimeter on the outer line is not matched up with the brush's true edge which makes it very hard to line up on the object when trying to paint over it… seems the calibration is off. This is based from the AP beta 1.5.0 Beta 6. Thank you.
  11. Super Vectorizer is how I've been getting by, but it's only available from the Mac app store (meaning OSX only)… it's $20, but stupidly easy to use and FAST… almost real-time rendering and very accurate. https://itunes.apple.com/app/id704139979
  12. Hello, I am working on a presentation preview of existing pieces, so I imported embedded PDF files into AD. When I attempt to rotate one of the embedded document layers, the colored objects within them leak past the boundaries. Is this a known bug? I have attached the file in question, the "Biz Card" layer specifically is the one with the issue. Thanks! Rotate Bug.afphoto.zip
  13. Hello, I am trying to open a PDF as currently cropped and saved as a raster directly through Photo or Designer, but it doesn't seem to provide that option with the open dialog options, am I missing something? Thank you
  14. Is there a way to use the transparency tool to only apply on the fill or just the stroke of the object… I cannot seem to find a checkbox or setting for this to only affect a particular attribute. Thanks!
  15. decimate555

    Transparency Tool

    Thank you ABC! That did the trick, basically to affect only the stroke or just the fill to get the see-through effect, the workaround is to treat the gradient tool as if were also transparency tool. It would be great if the "Context" dropdown box part of the gradient tool was also a native option with the transparency tool. Another thing that would be such a timesaver without having to mess with nodes in the gradient too… although admittingly the gradient tool method offers more control. Cheers
  16. decimate555

    Customizing Guides

    I've always wondered why don't any programs implement a feature where the guidelines inverse their colors over an object to guarantee that they will be seen, kinda like the same way when text is highlighted and it auto reverses it's colors.
  17. decimate555

    Snap cropping to original image

    +1 this, it's a constant extra step for me, a dedicated function would be such a boost.
  18. Hello, I posted this on another forum topic, but it probably got overlooked, maybe this is a better forum for this… With AP, using the mesh warp tool on a vector object will rasterise it to a pixel layer, but the option when right-clicking it shows up to "Convert to Curves"… no sense including a command that doesn't actually do anything and just becomes a waste of space and may confuse the user into believing a command is there that really isn't. Could this be greyed-out or removed in the future betas? Thank you
  19. Hello, Latest beta 10 is unable to open PSD files without with an extension to the filename. Thank you
  20. I just tested this as of latest beta 1.5 (b2)… does not work yet, although quickly accessing the guides manager this way would be very useful. May I add that it would also be very useful to include some way to make the guideline opposite orientation (e.g. vertical to hortizontal) by holding down a key (option?) while dragging into a document in real time. This would save some effort having to avoid re-dragging into canvas via opposing ruler side.
  21. +1 I deal with a lot if instances where I NEED to transfer assets between grayscale documents and every now and then, a preflight might fail because something got through that was not 100% black. This would save so much time and it's nice to have one less thing top worry about in an art production workflow. Perhaps adding an option for a "hard" grayscale mode that forces objects to that color mode or something like it?
  22. decimate555

    Affinity Photo/Designer quits!

    Thanks for the feedback, it helped. In my line of work, I install a great number of fonts a day, so I cannot really recall what font was loaded recently to make that crash issue. However, I attempted to change the default loaded font through the character palette before creating a new document to see if that would help, but of course the palette is grayed-out if no document is opened, so that option was out. I updated my OS X from 10.11.3 to 10.11.4 as I have not done that yet, after that was completed, I relaunched the Affinity apps and the default font showing up on the character palette now was displaying "Arial" whereas before it was some novelty font, then upon creating a new document, the issue is now gone and works as normal. Its still strange to me how this suddenly happened however, perhaps, the Affinity apps should allow the user to change the default font through the character palette even before creating a new document by not graying it out. I have used this workaround with Adobe apps in the past with success. Thank you!
  23. decimate555

    Affinity Photo/Designer quits!

    Hello, I'm experiences crashes when attempting to create a new document with either Photo or Designer… MAS and current beta versions, I tried reinstalling, everything and crash issue remains. I am currently using OS X 10.11.3 Attached is the bug report. Thank you Affinity Bug Report.rtf
  24. Hello… As I read this thread from more than a year ago, it's not clear if it's part of a roadmap to add this ability to Affinity apps, it would be GREAT to be able to create a rasterized layer based from an applied effect from another layer in order to make it independent so that we are free to manipulate it independently. This would save me so much time when further creating perspective tricks with shadows. Thanks!
  25. Thank you reminous, that has truly helped a whole lot, your video post very appreciated, I'll actually be using your method for my final version of the logo with curved waves. decimate555