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  1. No problem here, you have to install them in the beta. In edit/ preferences/ photoshop plugins/ add. Make sure you check the 'allow unknown plugins to be used'.
  2. Rawtherapee has dark-frame which will remove them. You take pictures with the lens cap on, and then it uses that photo as a reference to remove the hot pixels. The Canon cure suggested did not work for me.
  3. I posted on DPR that the Google download page was gone and got a reply that it still is available at these links. Installer for Windows [430 MB]" http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.exeInstaller for Mac [590 MB]: http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.dmg
  4. If your opening the program from its icon on the desktop, right click the icon and in properties you can change the 'Run:'. Mine is set at normal window and AP beta opens at full screen. If that doesn't work you might try setting 'Run' to Maximized.
  5. I was having some problems with my NVidia drivers. Not your problem, but its control would become inaccessible, just disappear.. The right click option would disappear, could not bring up NVidia's control panel without a restart. What I read was to do a clean install of your NVidia drivers. Download the newest drivers from NVidia. then delete everything labeled NVidia in Programs and Features, then in task manager delete the NVidia drivers. Re-start your computer, then do the re-install of NVidia. When you get to the installation options screen,select the custom install, select just the options you want or need (I selected just the graphics driver, nothing else). Make sure to select the "perform a clean installation". You will loose your NVidia settings so you'll have to reset your preferences.
  6. I searched and came across an old thread that asked if it was possible to load multiple exposures in Nik's Hdr Efex when used as a plugin using AP. The answer was no at that time, and I was wondering if there is or will be any way to use this plugin with multiple exposures?
  7. No problems here with the new beta Even help seems to work.
  8. I have the Nik plugins loaded in AP, but I haven't seen this problem mentioned in this thread. I don't see the Nik brushes in AP. I have an old copy of PS, CS2 on my computer, the brushes are visible in PS, just not usable there.
  9. I have found that it works on some photos, but not others. They are all shot with the same camera, a Canon 7d. I have linked a few more samples. Here's a couple where the shadow slider worked: A sunset pic where I can see a change in the foreground using the shadow slider: https://www.dropbox.com/s/9px4p11lmndz34d/IMG_7873.CR2?dl=0 In this picture I can see the change in the surfer's wetsuit: https://cfl.dropboxstatic.com/static/images/avatar/shared-link-icon-vflHCU_m6.svg Here's another that the shadow slider did not work, could not see any change in the surfer's wetsuit: I am editing this remark, I can now see a slight darkening when using the shadow slider in this pic now. My mistake. https://cfl.dropboxstatic.com/static/images/avatar/shared-link-icon-vflHCU_m6.svg While editing the raw photo the exposure, blackpoint and brightness sliders all work with all pictures. Just having a problem with the shadow slider. It is not consistent, can't figure out why it works sometimes and not others. Thanks, let me know if you have any problems with the downloads. P.S.>>I am adding this edited remark: On the last photo if I lower the blackpoint then the shadow slider has some effect. If I don't lower the blackpoint I see no results with the shadow slider.
  10. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/womzutshk2jpen1/IMG_8867.CR2?dl=0 Hopefully this worked, I had to create an account there. In the past I'd used a different service, I can't remember their name, that did not require you to download their program. Let me know if you got the file.
  11. I see where the slider works in jpeg's I was wrong about that, but the shadow slider won't work in my raw files. The files are to big to attach. I have no way to reduce the size without changing the format. They're about 24-mb/cr2 files from my Canon 7d. I didn't realize I didn't have the follow thread checked so I didn't know you had responded. I have since checked it. Please tell me how to get the file(s) to you.
  12. In develop persona when I use the shadows and highlights sliders I get a response on the highlight slider, but nothing on the shadow slider. I see no changes while using the shadow slider, the histogram moves for a second then returns back to where it started. It is a raw CR2 file using Affinity Photo Beta Version
  13. Snow Queen, I just installed it by going to edit/preferences/check the box photoshop plugins/add, go to where the Nik collection is and select. I was able to just click the whole file 'Nik collection', didn't have to do them individually. Had to do as MEB suggested enable the box "allow unknown plugins to be used". Same here. The question I have is I don't see the brush option in the Nik collection. Is there a way to get the Nik brush to work?
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