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  1. No problem here, you have to install them in the beta. In edit/ preferences/ photoshop plugins/ add. Make sure you check the 'allow unknown plugins to be used'.
  2. I posted on DPR that the Google download page was gone and got a reply that it still is available at these links. Installer for Windows [430 MB]" http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.exeInstaller for Mac [590 MB]: http://dl.google.com/edgedl/photos/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.dmg
  3. I notice my W10 system does the same, the crash the second time I try to access the help file. AP also seems to crash on my computer if I have a photo open (a CR2 file) and open the help menu I get an instant crash. I am on AP,