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  1. I'm using Publisher Windows 399, and have yet to see it make a thumbnail for a PDF, that's visible in Windows file lists. Am I missing something?
  2. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner! IF it still works after release on June 19, it was here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/58-report-bugs-in-publisher-beta-on-windows/ I found it by clicking the "breadcrumb" at the top of the page for the Mac download; the "crumb" that was for forums for publisher. In that page was a link "Report bugs in Publisher beta on Windows". Inside that page was "Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (GM Preview)"
  3. Thanks, Walt, but you pointed to the Mac version. I found the Windows version here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/58-report-bugs-in-publisher-beta-on-windows/ I'm not sure it will still work on 6/19/2019, when the product will be released.
  4. I had a HARD time finding the latest Windows update for Publisher! After maybe ... 40+ minutes wasted? ... I finally somehow clicked on a "Publisher bugs" link and found it. Guys, would you PLEASE make it easier to find the latest download? The link in the message box that comes up when one loads the program, that says there's a new update -- doesn't go to the place of the download for Windows. Maybe I'm dumber than most folks, but I'd bet others are having problems finding their Windows downloads, too! I didn't expect to find "Downloads" under "Bugs". That somehow seems ... inappropriate.
  5. Is the .399 for Windows as well as for Mac? The post with the link to the update says that Mac is required, and doesn't say anything about Windows. Is there some way I could identify whether the download is for Windows or Mac?
  6. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the term "GM Preview". What does that mean, please?
  7. Thanks, Dominik! But I got the 312 download by clicking the link on the page to update Publisher. I went to that page by clicking the "Download" link that was in the message box that said there was a new beta available. I guess someone forgot to edit where that link would take the user.
  8. I have been successfully using build 312, but when I tried to go into it today, I got a message "New beta available. Please download the latest..." .But the "latest" download's file name is 1.7. 0.312. Do I need to install it?
  9. That was it! Thank you!
  10. I'm voting for "Show hidden characters" too!
  11. Guys, thanks for responding! Wosven, I did check that there was no margin inside the Publisher text frame that caused it. But that would have been a possibility. GarryP, I'd like to know where the line breaks came from. My process is to copy the text out of another source, like a web page, and copy it into Notepad. (Now I'm trying to remember exactly what I did...) I use Notepad to get rid of unwanted formatting, but it probably puts in characters that create line breaks, when I tell it to wrap the text so it doesn't flow off screen. Maybe the problem is that Notepad is creating invisible line break characters, and when I copy from Notepad to Publisher, the line breaks come along. I'll try removing the "wrap text" setting in Notepad. Thank you both!
  12. I have a text frame that needs to change shape, from narrow to wide column. I can change the shape, but have to manually remove line endings. I'm sure this is not intended in a professional product. As a work-around, I copy the text into Notepad, clean up the words that are now not separated by a space and the line endings that are not where they are needed. Presumably, this is a buy you will fix!
  13. A document I created as a template for other docs is creating PDF files that contain a "title" that refers to what must be a prior version of the file. I believe the document header must contain something like what an html doc has: <title>You Put Your Doc Title Here</title> In a browser, the doc title should show in the tab, as in the attached screen print. What's showing is totally different from the actual document name. Is there some way I can fix this? TEMPLATE-MCF-1-UP.pdf TEMPLATE-MCF-1-UP.afpub