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  1. CatLady

    PDF Export Text Garbled

    This has driven me nuts, too! But thanks to the comments above, I tried embedding the whole Calibri font, and the weird characters have disappeared. But that vastly bulks up the file size! This document came to me as a .docx, which I am to post on a website as a .pdf. So I took it from my Word 365 to .pdf, took that into Publisher, removed some lines that identified the author, and exported to .pdf. I believe this is the only one of 6 documents (only 2 were originally Word docs instead of .pdf) to have this problem. It sounds like if it were in another original font, the problem might not happen. The specific letter combinations that turned into something else are ft, ti, tt. I can't easily reproduce what they turned into, since I deleted the offending document copies. Please, fix this.
  2. I just made up an ad (in Designer) for publishing in print, and my husband suggested that we need to see how it would look to a colorblind reader. It would be VERY helpful to have that in all the Affinity products! I do have ColorSchemer Studio, which does have the function of showing how your chosen colors would look to someone with different kinds of color vision problems. But I can't load my ad into it and see how the gradients would look, for instance. Maybe someone has such a program, and I'll go looking for one. But it would sure be great if I could check it within Affinity programs! Maybe you could find a developer who's doing this and pay him to incorporate his product into the global Affinity program.
  3. Well, I , there is a Zoom "to selection" that will enlarge the selected item to fill the width. That helps. I hope they take the hint and make us able to configure the Special Characters, soon!
  4. That would be great, but I don't find such a configuration. Does anyone know how to configure Special Characters so they're no longer an eye test?
  5. I notice that, too. Maybe they made the special characters very small to avoid distorting the view of the layout. But wecould use more contrast in the characters.
  6. It sounds like I'll need to use another program to get needed thumbnails for PDFs, if even that would work. Not having thumbnails is not a good thing.
  7. I'm using Publisher Windows 399, and have yet to see it make a thumbnail for a PDF, that's visible in Windows file lists. Am I missing something?
  8. Sorry I didn't see your post sooner! IF it still works after release on June 19, it was here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/58-report-bugs-in-publisher-beta-on-windows/ I found it by clicking the "breadcrumb" at the top of the page for the Mac download; the "crumb" that was for forums for publisher. In that page was a link "Report bugs in Publisher beta on Windows". Inside that page was "Affinity Publisher Public Beta - (GM Preview)"
  9. Thanks, Walt, but you pointed to the Mac version. I found the Windows version here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/58-report-bugs-in-publisher-beta-on-windows/ I'm not sure it will still work on 6/19/2019, when the product will be released.
  10. I had a HARD time finding the latest Windows update for Publisher! After maybe ... 40+ minutes wasted? ... I finally somehow clicked on a "Publisher bugs" link and found it. Guys, would you PLEASE make it easier to find the latest download? The link in the message box that comes up when one loads the program, that says there's a new update -- doesn't go to the place of the download for Windows. Maybe I'm dumber than most folks, but I'd bet others are having problems finding their Windows downloads, too! I didn't expect to find "Downloads" under "Bugs". That somehow seems ... inappropriate.
  11. Is the .399 for Windows as well as for Mac? The post with the link to the update says that Mac is required, and doesn't say anything about Windows. Is there some way I could identify whether the download is for Windows or Mac?
  12. Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the term "GM Preview". What does that mean, please?
  13. Thanks, Dominik! But I got the 312 download by clicking the link on the page to update Publisher. I went to that page by clicking the "Download" link that was in the message box that said there was a new beta available. I guess someone forgot to edit where that link would take the user.
  14. I have been successfully using build 312, but when I tried to go into it today, I got a message "New beta available. Please download the latest..." .But the "latest" download's file name is 1.7. 0.312. Do I need to install it?
  15. That was it! Thank you!

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