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  1. May not want to hold your breath while waiting. Look at the feature road map . . . it's not even on the horizon. You'll likely have line-end arrowheads and 'pages' in before the useful, relevant (i.e., required for actual, daily, high-volume production) stuff comes along. Will be happy if proven wrong, though. ---
  2. Holy Sweet Basil! Version 1.5.2 opens fast! Those of us who used to plan our days around opening 1.5.1 should be pleased. Now it won't take us so long to get in and find something to complain about. :D --
  3. What feature am I missing in Designer that would permit me to align an item to the last-selected object? For example: In the case of these two objects: |-----------| | | <-- box on left | | line on right --> || |-----------| || I want this: |-----------| | || | (i.e., line gets centered into box, and box doesn't move) | || | |-----------| Not this: |-----------| | || | (i.e., line and box both to move to the center of the space that had separated them) | || | |-----------| In other software, this is usually accomplished by activating a 'align to last selected item' option setting. How can this (i.e., 'align to last selected item') be done in Designer? ~
  4. Amazing to find that there's no warp or envelope tool. Came to realize this in the heat of trying to complete a rush project that needed a simple warp in the text. The vocabulary used to express said realization wasn't fit for reprinting here, except to say that I'd reckon a warp/envelope feature might be a priority for any serious design tool. Hope it shows up soon.
  5. @teadog: Maybe you're right. Might have went over-the-top. Revised it several times to flatten the assumptive and conspiratorial edge, but I reckon it might still be a bit rough.
  6. Again, as has been stated so many times in this thread, this feature (i.e., ability to link an eternal image) is no mere nicety, but rather an imperative. Inkscape is a fine example of a design tool that has implemented this feature quite well. Please add it to Affinity Designer. ~ That this feature remains missing - even after all the betas and an actual public release - might mean that the feature is being 'saved' for implementation elsewhere. It's been stated in this very thread that Publisher will 'need' an Embed/Link feature, which seemingly implies that Designer doesn't 'need' it. I'd argue that both programs 'need' it. My suspicion here is that a certain sales tactic is being used, where certain key features are withheld from one title - and implemented in another - to ensure that anyone wanting said feature shall need to purchase an additional design tool to obtain said feature. Tactics like this may please your accountant, but do little to engender loyalty or support from a user base. I'm certain - given the value you've already provided with Designer and Photo - that Publisher will likely have many features that make it a good buy on it's own, even without selectively including or restricting features in Designer to ensure the sales viability of Publisher. As noted, the 'selective inclusion of features' tactic may please your accountant, but your users will recognize it for what it is, given that most of us have already been introduced to such tactics by the other 'A' place. Given that many arrive here looking for an alternative to the other 'A', you might consider avoiding the temptation to follow its lead. Or something. ~
  7. A feature to consider might be the following: Resizing the document should not affect any preexisting artwork within the document. As of now, adjusting the size of the document in Affinity Designer (am using version via 'File->Document Setup' will also affect (warp/stretch/skew) any artwork that may already be placed on the document stage. The document size should be able to be adjusted up or down without affecting anything else in the file. Inkscape is an excellent example of a program which allows for document resizing without affecting any placed artwork. It seems Affinity Designer might wish to take a cue from them. Or not.
  8. If this here post counts as one of those "the more times people ask for it" instances, then let it be known that I'd definitely encourage - and ask for - incorporating support for CorelDraw files as a priority feature. My CorelDraw 8 subscription sits idle while I interview AD as a replacement candidate, and the ability to open my cache of .cdr files would definitely go a long way towards making a full transition.
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