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  1. Please add a color range select tool! Regards, Martin
  2. Hello, the Perlin Noise function in Affinity is adequate for Clouds in Photoshop (Elements) and is used to design textures such as clouds, water surfaces, fire, smoke, etc. Now I noticed that in Affinity the fractal noise function is not randomly produced: No matter how many times I fill a level and then go to Filter -> Noise -> Perlin Noise: The result always remains the same. But if I choose in Photoshop Elements Render -> Clouds, the result is always random. Greetings Martin
  3. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    @Mark Ingram Of course I meant the extended clipboard of windows. And I already wrote that earlier versions of Affinity had no problem with it.
  4. Hello, whenever I import any picture in AP 1.6 I get an "Unprocessed exception error" with these steps: - Import any picture. - Duplicate it with STRG+J. - Add a live filter. - Copy this level with STRG+C --> Crash.
  5. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    Hello again, the same problem with the tool CopyQ - also an advanced clipboard manager . So it seems like that the latest version of affinity has a basic problem with the clipboard of windows.
  6. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    @Mark Ingram The error occurs with the installed and the portable version. I have the portable version since yesterday (before I had the installed version) and can reproduce the error with it.
  7. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    Hi Mark, thanx for your great support! You can get here a portable version of Ditto so you don't need install it.
  8. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    I found the solution: It was due to the tool Ditto, which serves to expand the clipboard in Windows. If it is active, the described error occurs in Affinity. Strangely there were no problems with the tool up to version 1.6.
  9. MartinK

    Unprocessed exception error in AP 1.6

    Hi Chris_K, in the german-speaking affinity forum some people have already written to me that they could not reproduce the error. Strange. Yes. No. No. The error occurs with every live filter. Greetings
  10. Hello, I have a little wish: The possibility to make space between the tools. :) Like here (Photoshop Elements): Regards, Martin
  11. Hello, when I make a shape with effects these are lost if I click on the filter distort/waves. See, what I mean: When I applied the effect I could'nt more make a gradient in the heart. Greetings, Marty
  12. Too MANY functions? More than Photoshop? I can't believe.
  13. Hello, am I blind or is it not possible to transform a selection? I can only move it. Regards, Martin
  14. @PeanutsA: Every full version number must be paid (e. g. 2.x, 3.x, 4.x). Regards, Martin
  15. MartinK


    I wrote this here already: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/32173-auto-blend-layer/
  16. MartinK

    Face Swap

    Look at this.
  17. So Photoshop (Elements) is a Program for Design? Shapes are not design features?
  18. MartinK

    Auto Blend Layer

    Yes, but it's not only useful to change faces.
  19. Hello, an Auto Blend Layer would be great! Example on YouTube: Type "Auto Blend Layers - Photoshop" there Regards, Martin
  20. In Affinity Photo for Windows there aren't separate lines definitely.