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  1. footnote, the inner glow is rendered differently than in PS. The mathematics of glow are not same.
  2. AHHH, if saved as a PSD file, at least the glow effects get parsed....off to experiment more; however, a detailed list of which layer effects on paths do get parsed when opening a PSD would be helpful. Thanks
  3. I have made a closed vector path in Photoshop. Applied an inner glow to the path. I can copy the path as SVG and paste into AD. The path gets pasted but not the effect applied to it. So...what tricks are there, if any, how to preserve vector layer effects when importing/pasting from Photoshop. Thanks
  4. Greetings, I see the date of the posting is several years old. In the 90s Adobe and Altsys was in a war who can do autotrace best because they understood that was a key defining feature. Currently I have to jump through many painful hoops with several programs to bring (full color) autotrace artwork into AD/AP. Hoping 2019 be the year autotrace lives. Please put autotrace at top of your to do list. Thanks.
  5. ditto. I have never seen over 35 yrs a tech tutorial book printed as hardback thats hard to use/lay open with tight gutters as well. Spiral bound works best. A book holder works but not well.
  6. using colored txt for a functional URL is poor design and poor accessibility too.
  7. If I have a store account with a password which shows I bought the apps and the workbooks, should I not be able to download all the resource files as a zip file under my account?? The idea I have to go to web page -- by typing out a URL -- for each chapter and for each tutorial is working hard not smart.
  8. Thank you for doing the PDF and sharing the hardwork....life just got a little more easier, no eggs to suck. Rock on!
  9. So how hard is it to make a pdf version of affinity photo (designer) ipad manual? 3 yrs ago I had to go around and round over a pdf version of an expensive workbook you sold. I would think that experience and my emails then about accessibility would be a teaching moment to consider digital disabled artists. Last time I was told it was hard due to in-house publishing tool that did not or was hard to do pdf export; really! Size of the manual is not important; share it via dropbox. Using high quality screenshots are important too. A Pdf version of a manual either inside the app or downloada
  10. Yeah sucking eggs something Many disabled folk do often. Please understand that zoom is not a one size fits all answer for us who are visually impaired. Even Apple in the worldwide developers conference session acknowledged that zoom is not always the right answer. Apple has spent a good deal of engineering effort to offer dynamic text api tools so developers can provide better support us who are visually impaired. Why would you need to use 8 point white text on a black background for an online guide? Nor give me an option to read the text black-and-white.
  11. Well that’s nice to hear. However should I have to wait six weeks six months or year for a simple PDF that should have been thought of when this product was being developed. Granted you have tutorials for me to watch but that is not the same thing as having a comprehensive and easily readable manual. I hope Serif wants to make a welcome mate for disabled Artists. Yes it takes time, yes it takes some effort, but you are helping us have a more powerful tool to express our creativity. I and many others are getting tired of having to fight over and over for companies to put real effort to suppo
  12. I just bought affinity photo iPad. The online guide is very hard to read for me (and I suspect for other visually impaired users). The guide doesn’t support dynamic text settings nor pinch to zoom nor copying text into notepad so I can make a summaries . Also the mini movie clips move too fast for me to follow or to enlarge. Please provide an Alternative version of the online guide, thank you Please watch the accessibility teaching clip of the worldwide developers conference just recently held. These two Apple engineers really get it about accessibility issues.
  13. You really need a clear step by step tut on using clip canvas. The apple help guide is rather useless. um, an item for the Photo workbook. ;-)
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