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  1. I’m having the same problem as well. Even if I created/saved the tiff from AP.
  2. Using iOS 12, iPad Pro 2nd gen., AP When I use the clone tool, for instance, as I touch the pencil to the screen I immediately get the message “you must press and hold to set a source before trying to clone”. No matter how long, or how many times, I press and hold the message stays on screen and will not allow me to select a source. I can select a source without problem if I press and hold using my finger. I did not have this problem with AP 1.6.8. I tried setting “touch for gestures only” but that didn’t help. I am able to use the Apple Pencil to select the source if I use the “on screen modifier key”. Hope this is not because of the change in gestures with this version, because I seriously lose accuracy with my finger in the way.
  3. Hey R C-R, thanks for the response and the technical information. You are obviously quite knowledgeable, and I appreciate your explanation and your opinion. Because of members like yourself I learn something new every time I open a thread on this forum. I agree it isn't something that most users will notice and is probably even a little on the trivial side as far as the big picture here. The help file they have included with Photo is actually quite in-depth and I'm very happy Affinity went to the time and trouble write it up and include it with the program. I'm enjoying learning about Affinity Photo as well as as using it. Best $20.00 I've spent in a very long time. Thanks again for your insight.
  4. Thank you for the response R C-R. My best guess was that the 300 was seconds. A good guess, but it was only a guess. Affinity should be clear in the preference itself exactly what it is I am setting. Affinity is definitely autosaving the documents, but they are not making backups because an autosave is not a backup. Also, Affinity doesn't "suggest" that a complete, stand alone back is saved, they state precisely that in the help document. A backup of a computer file, or any file, is always a seperate copy or it isn't a backup. Wherever Affinity is saving these documents, if that area becomes corrupted, every document that I haven't specifically saved through use of the hamburger menu is history. And even if I saved those documents throught the hamburger menu, any changes I have made to those documents after that save are history because, there are no backups. I would suggest to Affinity that two things be done here: 1. Define the units used in the "Autosave Interval" preference so that anyone adjusting that preference knows exactly what they are setting. Preferably in minutes rather than seconds so no calculations are necessary. 2. Change the incorrect and misleading wording in the help document that attempts to explain what the "Autosave Interval" is, and does. Now, as far as the "Save Location" preference having nothing to do with the "Autosave Interval" preference, you are absolutely correct. And I don't think there is anything more counterintuitive than that.
  5. I'm curious if your photos are stored in iCloud Photo Library or on iCloud Drive. There is a difference, they are two different areas of iCloud. Affinity Photo accesses iCloud Drive, not your iCloud Photo Library. Make sure you have iCloud Drive activated and then store the photos you want to import, or open, there. Hope this helps.
  6. I’m using Photo 1.6.8 and it definitely does have an autosave function. From the open screen tap the gear in the top right corner. It will open in the general preference page. The second preference from the top is “Autosave Interval” and it came set at 300. This is where I get lost. There is nothing on this page, nor in the help file, that indicates what 300 is. At the bottom of the page is the “Save Location” preference. I have it set to “On My iPad”. Logic, to me, would dictate at the end of the “Autosave Interval” Photo would save the document to the “Save Location”, but it doesn’t. I understand Photo saves working documents in the application somewhere/some way, but the auto save function is a mystery to me. Maybe someone with Affinity will enlighten us on this subject.

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