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  1. The point is that the userinteraction in ai and fh is/was well thought out and results in fast, responsive and direct actions. Make 'm even better as they are now, but use an inguinity that is unsurpassable. Not by pushing 2 buttons and clicking three times, but to be able to do at least what you can do in AI: with just a modifier key. The toolsets you need - need to be where you need them, not in a menu or some clickbox on top of the screen, but right under your hand. Like I said, take the best of both worlds and make 'm better. There is no need to reinvent the wheel, there's need to make it roll smoother and faster and ingenious. What I miss in AI, i'd like to see it in AD. What I missed in FH, i'd like to see it in AD. A once and for all and forevever- solution As I understood, AD profiles itself as a competitor to AI, and as a substitute for FH. These two are/where the professionals choices, and AD needs to be the answer to that! Corel and xara are nice but were never adopted by professional designers. Canvas once did, but is on the same dead road as freehand. But, that's just my opinion, of course.
  2. ...or a new, direct selection tool that edits the shape as a vector upon selecting. (I keep missing at least one selection tool in the palette!) or a modifier key that converts on the fly when selecting the shape. Now cmd-select and ctrl-select act as duplicate-item. Why not use one of these? Or kill the magnifier in the node select tool and replace it by a shape-to-vector converter. Who needs a magnifier? :) To me: pressing extra buttons is not intuitive and if it's not a modifier key, I'd rather have a default setting that can be enabled/disabled in the prefs. There's more; - I can't move the shape with the node selection tool. Nor can I select all nodes (activate) of a vector while double-clicking the object. - select-all does nothing when in tool mode node. so what's active now? - You can't merge layers (you need to make a group, but if you ungroup this again, all the layers are back) - the lock in the layerssection needs to be embedded in the layer-selector-line, not apart on top - too timeconsuming and userunfriendly. - You give lots of forks and spoons... but there's no knife. I need a knife. To my opinion: to get a good basis to convert AI or former FH users to AD adepts, you need at least to mimic the tools they're used to use, and if possible make 'm even better. But that is not the case in this release. Users need to step in and feel home at once (at least, I do). I'm not home yet. But I feel it's coming. Anyhow: you at Serif did a great job so far and I hope you make it the new standard in vectordrawing Adieu Dragon illustrator.
  3. Is there a way to draw an object (eg. square/circle/trangle etc.) as a vector by default? It's a bit unhandy that I need to convert it to curves everytime I want to modify it's form...
  4. Maybe assigning shortcuts will help... but I keep having the impression I miss 1 selection tool.
  5. thx. this works... but is not very user friendly. it requires 4 actions (select - break -select again and delete). Is there a way to make this default behaviour on a selected point?
  6. Am I overlooking something? I can't find a way to delete a point from a path that also deletes the line segment it's on. ex.: delete the half from a circle to get an open path representing a half circle (that is not closed). In AI you can direct-select a point and delete it, resulting in an open path - or select a line segment between two points and delete it, also resulting in an open path.
  7. I switched my machine, forgot to backup AD and can't get it to download again. If I try, I get the message: You have already registered this email address. And it ends there :( Would be nice to find the latest builds as a link in the forum.
  8. Hi, I'm William. Mac-adept, DTP/design since 1988, former Freehand addict (since v1) and extremely happy to have found a very serious competitor for the expensive dragon named Illustrator - which I was forced to love the day Apple killed Rosetta. Affinity designer feels great already - even while not finished. It reminds me somewhat of Laserpaint, the first app ever to combine vector and bitmap, ages ago. I feel so young again! I hope AD will get a good plug in system like AI once had [e.g. scriptographer (now http://paperjs.org/)] Will do my best to give feedback and make AD mature to the max. So, I got the ├četa and would love to aquire an official license - but how do I buy one? :huh:
  9. somewhat, indeed. What I mean is similar but "live": to drag the point while it is active - by pressing command. Huge timesaver :)
  10. in addition to the point-issues: would it be possible to add the feature to reposition a just drawn point by holding the CMD-key? Freehand had this feature and I miss it a lot in Illustrator. Furthermore I'd like to adapt the GUI to a clean white version, the dark is very distracting. (In Adobe CC you can revert to the "old" look too, to my opinion it's much more comfortable)
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