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  1. Did you find the files in the user folder for mac? They are definitely saved there for PC and that saved me a few times. gr8rck
  2. Does anyone have Affinity thumbnail file previews working in Google Drive? gr8rck
  3. That put me right where I needed to be and I was able to find what I'm after. Thanks for the help on this, saved me big time. Ryan.
  4. Affinity has crashed a few times recently and my files are recoverable when I know where they are to open them but is there a cached folder location where I can find those versions more easily to recover? gr8rck
  5. Hi, My affinity designer export settings aren't exporting optimized images in png or jpg for the web. Using compression tools, I'm finding that my exported files at 72 dpi are still almost 75% too large even when flattened. What setting am I missing to make sure the images are optimized properly without running my images through additional tools? Gr8rck
  6. I know, you'd think it wouldn't be that difficult with motivated vendors. Must be some magical formula that isn't published to make this work in the web. Thanks for posting... Ryan.
  7. Appreciate that.. i am already running it so I'm all good in desktop views. It has to do with web-based services where they don't have the previewer. Most online tools have previews for the major file types (doc, pdf, ai, pdf, jpg, png, etc..) but nothing for affinity yet that i've found. Ryan.
  8. Has anyone found a DAM vendor that supports the affinity thumbnail previews? I asked about this quite a while ago and was told the previewer code or codec ships with windows but so far in the last 6 months I've not found a vendor that can support the preview feature. They've been willing to add it but say its not currently possible. Any advise on where to look or what to actually have them look for? I've checked with 7 willing vendors so far and come up empty each time for implementation. Thanks, Ryan.
  9. I'll have to figure that out. I have looking to switch more to publisher for it's master page controls. I'll check out the macros and see if that's a strong work-a-round. Thanks for the suggestion. Ryan.
  10. Sure. I have anywhere between 10 - 30 artboards with layouts, per file. I'm looking to be able to quickly create artboards inside of the file, along with naming them quickly. That's the reason i was asking about artboards from csv or document file. Just duplicating the artboards is a lot of work, especially when you have to name them and the number varies. If you could toggle to the names of the artboards that would help, but still not ideal. Thanks, Ryan.
  11. Is there any solution ye to create artboards from text or document files? Or a quick way? gr8rck
  12. Solved. Setting dpi to 144 on a web asset was the issue. Needs to stay at 72. Ryan.
  13. Hello, Why are assets exporting at 50% of their original size ? I have a file with 176 x 1228 artboard and it's exporting at 88 x 614. Is there a setting that's off somewhere? Ryan.
  14. Awesome discovery. That seems to solve my issues. Thanks for the guidance! Ryan.
  15. I agree, the pages and master pages are great in publisher but if you try and 'edit in designer' to export assets then there is no way to get back to publisher. I also see where designer does not open the multiple pages that were created from the publisher file. If designer had master artboards and/or pages then that would be great. I'll run my suggestion by them. Thanks, Ryan.
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