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  1. He's talking about his Illustrator work, not Affinity.
  2. https://dribbble.com/shots/3135101-Starship-Trooper I used Affinity Designer for Windows to design the Space Marine. I animated it in Moho 12 and After Effects unfortunately I still needed to use Photoshop to make sure the layers would import correctly into Moho. Let me know what you guys think, Dave
  3. We need Affinity Animator to take on Adobe's monopoly on Motion Design w/ After Effects. There simply isn't a decent alternative to what After Effects does. Moho 12 can replace the need for most 2D animation done in AE for about the price of an After Effects plugin but there is so much more utility that needs to be covered.
  4. It would be great if you bought on version you got both but for the price you guys are offering that may be asking too much!
  5. Congrats guys. You put together a stellar app
  6. Flash rebranded as Adobe Animate CC and can do HTML5 animation. Adobe discontinued Adobe Edge Animate which was a lackluster HTML5 animation tool.
  7. Hey MEB, So I just ended up exporting as a PSD. However when exporting as a PSD the layers when grouped into folders would just merge all together(So it exported the entire project as a single layer). So I took them out of the groups and exported again. It worked well enough. I was trying to export as an EPS to keep the file vectored but it wouldn't retain the layers I set up, instead it would just export all the different shapes as separate layers.
  8. Is there any way to export a document from AD with the layers still intact? I'm attempting to animate one of my creations and it's just importing the document collapsed(one layer). Do I need to export each layer as it's own separate file?
  9. Yes people are requesting API/Scripting... they will not touch Affinity designer with out it. I attempted to suggest Affinity designer to some motion designer colleagues and the answer was w/o API/Scripting support they will not use Affinity Designer. It isn't worth their time otherwise. Love what you guys have done so far and I want to see Affinity Designer grow just as much as you guys.
  10. Do you think affinity designer will get pattern brushes eventually?
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