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  1. Ah I see - my mistake I thought they were created as a vector - the lower DPI would make a lot of sense in that case. I shall try creating the brushes in as high a DPI as possible and get back to you. Thankyou both!
  2. I was also wondering if this was sitll the best way to create brushes, or now that affinity is a bit further along in its development is there another way of creating them?
  3. Hello! We have recentley upgraded our Designers to Affinity. Our main issue we are now having is creating brushes. We have created brushes by using the below method: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vNZbmvjtdmU But we are having issues with distortion and the brushes becoming lower resolution. Please see attached photo. Thanks! Matt. IT Support Agent Provocateur
  4. Hi, Thanks for the response! I've been playing around with brushes now and have managed to get some working, Is there a plan to create vector brushes in the future? Another issue I have had with a lot of the users is how to use the fill tool - I am wondering if anyone could suggest a good video tutorial? I Can draw a circle and then choose the fill colour, I understand that. But what if I create something more complex - like a pretzel shape for instance and want to fill the negative spaces within the shape - example attached, Thanks! Matt. Example fill.afdesign
  5. Hello! My names Matt and I work for retail company that designs fashion products. ( I work in It please excuse my poor design lingo) We have recently been looking at Affinity designer as an alternative to Photoshop. It looks like a great product and we are hoping to roll it out to about 20 users. Background info: We currently use Photoshop an Illustrator CS5 We do not use much of the adobe suite Some users do very basic tasks - changing colours, resizing minor editing. During testing we had a few of the designers come down to try out the trial. The more experienced users got to grips with most of the basics but they had some issues with the following: Creating brushes was very difficult for them - Before they would make a small drawing using the brush tool in illustrator (a stitch pattern for instance) and then they would turn that into a brush.I have attached an example of the pages that they would use as brushes. The issue is when opened Affinity creates layers of every single little line (or stitch) this makes it very difficult to select them as a whole - is there an easy way in affinity to take these patterns and turn them into a brush? I tried basic dragging and dropping into the brush window but that didn't work very well! Another issue that the users faced was filling an area with colour, They would select a line by clicking on it or selecting a few lines that create a whole shape - how would they fill this? in Photoshop they found this a lot easier - is there a particular way in affinity to fill an area that has been outlined by lines? I do apologies in advance for anything that's unclear and please let me know if you'd like some more information and I will explain it as best I can. I can also try and find some example files that may help to explain. Matt. knitwear brushes.eps

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