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    Andrej got a reaction from Jimmypearf in [AD] Arbitrary Zoom Levels show inexistent Gaps   
    at the moment, I work with a tiled background - I made a dotted tile symbol and copied it over and over, aligning the copies via grid & ctrl j. The tiles dimensions are 100x100 px. When I'm using the mousewheel to zoom, gaps show up between the tiles. They disappear when switching to pixelviews or to zoomlevels like 100%, 200%. Might be a rounding issue.
    PS: I hope this is not a duplicate, I went through all five pages of search results for "zoom" 

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    Andrej reacted to markw in Reset Selection Box Button (MAS Designer 1.4.2)   
    Not sure if this is a bug or not but after altering and adjusting an object, clicking ‘Rest Selection Box’, the box dose indeed reset to the new shape. However if I leave that object and then come back to it the old box is back.
    Is this expected behaviour? or should the “new” selection box stick, which is what I was expecting.
    I’ve found on occasion that this retention of the old box can get in the way of accurate snapping of Groups when the affected object is within a Group and part of it’s “old” selection box falls outside of the collective area of the other components of said group. Effectively making the Group's bounding box bigger than it's visible components.
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    Andrej reacted to JonathanBall in Merge/Combine Self-Intersecting Paths   
    I'm new around these parts (first post) so I apologize if this question has already been asked and answered. I did some searching, but I couldn't find anything regarding this. My question is:
    How does one merge or combine a self intersecting path/curve (to make a compound path) in Affinity Designer?
    I design type and it's desirable—crucial really—to overlap a shape/path within itself for maximum flexibility and ease of manipulation while working. Unfortunately, when it comes time to combine the final artwork I'm left with compound holes where the paths intersect themselves.  :(

    I've attached an example of what I'm referring to.  
    I've tried all of the options that can think of (Geometry, Create Compound, etc.), but none seem to work. I'm assuming that this is just the way paths combine in AD, but I'm desperately hoping that there's another technique that I'm missing.
    Also, I love AD thus far. Great work!
    Thanks for your help!  :D

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    Andrej reacted to Jon P in Transform Controls with Constraints [minor]   
    Thanks for reporting this, looks just like a bit of a redraw bug. I've got it logged for the developers to look into.
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    Andrej reacted to MEB in Shapekey-Snapping for Groups   
    Hi Andrej,
    I understood your issue. You're not the first reporting it. It also happens if the objects lay inside clipping masks (objects clipped by a parent object).
    I already filled an improvement request for this sometime ago. But currently there's no way to do it on canvas other than using the process i described.
    I´m updating the log to refer the latest Designer Beta version.
    Thanks for your feedback/support.
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    Andrej reacted to retrograde in Isolate object(s)   
    I may have requested this already... but sometime down the road, some sort of isolate function would be awesome.  Basically to aid in tweaking or working on a selected object or multiple selected objects in isolation from the rest of the piece. By invoking a key short everything that's not selected disappears until the key short is invoked again. 
    Blender has this feature and it's extremely handy for isolating a particular object or group from an otherwise complex piece. Everything disappears and the selected object fills the screen for manipulation.
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    Andrej reacted to RayC in Line draw rotation increment   
    In Affinity, when using the Pen to draw a line, and constraining it with the Shift key, the line can be drawn rotated in forty-five degree increments.
    When performing the same process in DrawPlus, the line can be drawn rotated in fifteen degree increments.
    It would be nice to have the fifteen degree increments in Affinity, or to have it user settable in Preferences.

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