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  1. Thank you. Didn't see that topic even though I searched for something like this in advance ;)
  2. Hey, first of all: I really love the snapping candidate approach. I love to control the snapping by selecting one or two candidates and moving my object slowly to snap it to the gaps (see attachment 1) The problem is: When I'm slowly moving my object, it often happens, that shapes near the desired location are added to the candidate list, messing up my candidates. I'd like to chose the candidates manually, maybe by clicking the mousewheel or another shortcut. Another option would be an isolation mode to exclude other objects temporarily. ~Andrej PS: Ignore the top left object in the second screen.
  3. Hey, at the moment, I work with a tiled background - I made a dotted tile symbol and copied it over and over, aligning the copies via grid & ctrl j. The tiles dimensions are 100x100 px. When I'm using the mousewheel to zoom, gaps show up between the tiles. They disappear when switching to pixelviews or to zoomlevels like 100%, 200%. Might be a rounding issue. ~Andrej PS: I hope this is not a duplicate, I went through all five pages of search results for "zoom"
  4. Hey, it would be great to be able to break paths at intersection points. Easiest implementation was something like a boolean operation - select two paths, click a button and get the nicely broken path segments. Feature suggestion 1: Break-paths-at-intersection-points-operation. A workaround is to create new nodes manually and break them individually afterwards. But here I ran into another missing feature. The current behavior of the node-adding doesn't allow me to create new nodes using snapping. Thus my cuts aren't aligned perfectly (I might have exaggerated it a little on the screens). Feature suggestion 2: Use snapping while creating nodes on existing paths. An optimal way would be the option to drag a new node on an existing path to activate candidates to snap onto. [Feature suggestion 3: Combine adding nodes and breaking them like the scissors-tool in Illustrator does. Could be implemented as an option in the node-tool. Similar snapping behavior as described above] ~Andrej PS: I know that I could perform a standard subtract operation in the first place and then break the paths to achieve the result shown in the screens. But I'm adding these requests to improve workflows.
  5. Hey, I was just exploring Photoshop alternatives because my Creative Cloud subscription is expiring. Instead I found Affinity Designer. I am a heavy user of Adobe Illustrator and I'm quite satisfied with it but couldn't resist to try out Designer. I found the interface nice and had a blast with the snapping (one-candidate-snapping :wub: ) options and triangular grids. I still use Illustrator for my daily needs, but AD is already a great playground for non-serious work. I registered to report bugs and add feature-requests. One day Designer could actually replace Illustrator for me. I'm definately going to buy Designer once the Windows Demo ends and the snapping features are improved further. ~Andrej
  6. Hey, I just tested the divide operation with three intersecting circles. I documented the outcome in the screenshots. The shapes might look okay, but the outlines of two shapes show weird extensions. ~Andrej
  7. Hey, I asked this question a while ago in the adobe forum, but I never got a reply. So I'll try my luck here. I'd like to have a feature to "apply" clipping groups. Let's take several shapes and combine them into a clipping group (see attachments 1 & 2). The apply operation would have the following result: -children which are actually intersecting with the clipping path are intersected (standard boolean operation) --children which are not available for intersect-operations remain in the clipping group -children outside the clipping path are deleted -children completely inside the path will remain unaffected It would be a great feature, especially when you decide to clip whole artworks or cutting them apart. ~Andrej
  8. Thanks for your response. I hope there will be an improvement to this before the Windows beta + trial ends. Aligning shapes and groups of shapes by node-to-node snapping is crucial for me :)
  9. Hey MEB, thanks for the reply. I can select objects directly by holding control. And I can also select further objects holding shift. But the problem stays the same: I will have to select each object separately. As you can see in the attachment, there are two objects I want to align. The bottom shape consists of 3 groups. A group for the left wing, a group for the right wing and one group to keep the wings together. As I want to move them all together while having the possibility to let it snap to the center vertex, I need to have all shapes selected in node-mode. With the current implementation, I will have to select every object by node-tool-cmd-shift-clicking all 8 shapes. It would be much simpler if I could just drag a selection rectangle.
  10. Hey, what about an option to use the origin for all transform operations? I think there should be atleast an option to use it. ~Andrej
  11. Oh, I also didn't realize, these forums weren't able to display youtube videos. Here's a link instead: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zvZPBvUgyU
  12. I just realized, the screenshots I attached were not displayed. Here they are.
  13. Just a minor bug: When moving a constrained shape into another, the transform controls will stay in place and working, even though the object itself has been repositioned by the constraint-algorithm. Re-selecting the inner shape fixes this. ~Andrej
  14. Hey, as far as I know, there is no possibility to create new shapes based on underlying paths quickly. While Illustrator had its Live-Paint approach, Flash did things more intuitively. Here's a youtube channel full of examples: Is anything like that planned for future releases of Affinity Designer? ~Andrej
  15. Hey, I recently found out about Affinity Designer and I'm already in love with it. The snapping features are exceptional. But I got one request. I frequently need to align shapes by positioning one anchor over another. If the objects are just lying around, this works great: I select all shapes, switch to the node-tool, re-select all nodes and drag the node I want to align. If the objects I want to align are grouped, I have to doubleclick the group, select all grouped shapes one by one, switch to the node tool and proceed as mentioned. The problem is, that since there is no isolation mode, you have to select grouped shapes individually instead of just rectangle-select them. There are two possible fixes: 1) Selecting the node-tool while having a group selected will keep all grouped objects selected. 2) Having an isolation-mode for allowing quick re-selection of the grouped shapes. Is there anything planned? ~Andrej PS: I'm using Affinity Designer Beta on Windows
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