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  1. If and when Affinity Publisher is published, will the file format structure be similar to present situation where files can be opened in either program; AD or AP (and then A Pub)? So if I do now some dtp kind of work with Photo, mostly just simple one page stuff with photos and text, should it be easily worked on with A Publisher in the future?
  2. Thanks for opinios, my strongest point here is that I don't particularily like AP's behaviour when choosing gradient tool and if I then change the setting 'none' to 'linear' or 'elliptical', it does this straight away if I choose first the right gradient from small box next to 'none', it nicely shows 'transparent-to-black' and other saved options nicely when hovering over and I can choose the right thing. So, I think it would be better if gradient tool would take no action until we order it to. When the whole image is covered with gradient automatically is kind of unlogical.
  3. I use gradients to blend objects as in previous example, but using gradient tool as a mask has been cumbersome as I have not managed to set transparent-to-black linear gradient as a default. But this transparency tool seems to be missing from AP (but not AD)! Is there a reason for this? If not, then I request this tool to be added to AP also.
  4. Found out recently that if I choose resize document and first untick resample and change the dpi, then tick resample back and change units from pixels to centimeters and do resizing on image and press ok, this brings quite strange and heavily pixelated results. If I do these in separate actions; first untick resample and change the dpi and press ok, then choose resize document action againg and change units and then resizing works ok.
  5. I tried again, and yes, pdf finally came, distorted. Like pixelated and stretched.
  6. I have a quite large file in AP, sized A2 filesize about 140megabytes. Choosing Export to pdf and the destination goes alright, but then nothing happens. It just shows the progress bar which never gets anywhere. I waited a couple of minutes and force quit the app. Export to jpg goes alright.
  7. Can I connect curves or lines as in attached example so that moving or adjusting the lower one, the higher curves connecting points would follow?! I mean that curves would have "shared" nodes or similar.
  8. Hi, I'm new to afd and just starting learning. I opened an existing jpg, very simple line drawing, then I chose one part of the drawing with selection brush. Works nice. Now I'd like to fill this selection with a gradient and then select another area in drawing and repeat this and finally I would have the whole drawing in color and I still could modify each gradient separately. I just don't manage to succeed with any instinctive approach (photoshop-style tools use).
  9. This other thread also about the feature idea. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/3521-hideshow/?p=13920
  10. +1 from here to this, while learning afd I've find use of layers panel and recognizing layers or masks a bit hard. This would clarify things a lot.
  11. +1 from here for the prescribed Hide/Show feature.
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