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  1. I hadn't even explored this menu option yet, thank you!
  2. Agreed. This option, to fix missing links upon opening, is currently redundant as you can't tell what you are fixing. If users are supposed to go into the document resources manager then why bother having an option to fix it upon opening the file, it should just be a warning that you can only close, not act upon.
  3. Thanks, this is exactly it!!! Glad it was a stupid error on my part and not an actual issue with the software. Cheers for the help!
  4. I used to be able to select multiple objects across multiple layers with a simple shift + select. But recently (lest week or 2) this has not been possible. No object is selectable by a simple click on it on the artboard unless I am currently in that layer, I have to select the object or layer in the layer palette before selection is possible. I can select multiple objects across multiple layers via the layers palette, but this slow and cumbersome on complex layers. I feel like this might be an option that I have accidentally turned on but I can't see anything in the menus, or in the preferences, that might help me undo it.
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