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  1. Windows 11 on an LG Gram 16 inch so made font bigger Most programs fine BUT Affinity Publisher weird with different system and other font sizes
  2. Found solution, had to do steps below again, sorry getting old and forgot about this, worked To do this: Search for Colour Management from the Start menu and click to open. In the Devices tab, select the correct monitor from the Devices dropdown menu and make sure Use my settings for this device is selected. Now click Add... and select sRGB IEC61966-2.1 from the list and click OK. The sRGB IEC61966-2.1 profile should now appear in the Profiles associated with this device: section. If there is already a profile associated with the monitor, please use the Remove option first, to ensure the monitor is using the newly appointed sRGB profile. Select the profile and click Set as Default Profile to make it the default. Close the Colour Management window and restart your Affinity app.
  3. Shot below, notice the no fill option is yellow in the colour dropdown and will not change to white NOTE if I paste the above image in it has also yellowed Word paste example LG Gram 2023 16 inch, colour normal if pasted to any other application
  4. When I paste logo from Clipboard into designer and Publisher the background of image is filled with yellow, into word correct white background. Tried all different paste, paste special options and editing pasted object to remove yellow background
  5. Thanks that worked, great support
  6. Yours will look ok when you open the file but mine looks like this
  7. Yellow Tint for screen grab when pasted into publisher, and other items, no fill box is yellow with cross through it, this is white page in publisher. Pastes normally into Word, Excel etc, only yellow tint in affinity Publisher yellow problem.afpub
  8. I have same issue with table containing email. In attached example export to PDF OK till I add an email to third column of the yellow table 1.afpub
  9. I have existing project, select text, go to colour box select red, then go to select Bold, crashes instantly, sometimes thick black box appears around colour box then crash, other time just crashes. All happens so quick, hard to grab screen print
  10. As soon as I try to change font colour of text in a text box, either new or old file, publisher crashes. Windows 11, ThinkPad Yoga I7, long time user and old files cause crash when try to change font colour. Tried repair and have uninstalled and reinstalled from new download, curious Publisher still remembered last file opened
  11. Both version, full and beta lock up on opening file, get to last page open but then locks up. How do I start publisher without opening recent files?
  12. Both version, full and beta lock up on opening file, get to last page open but then locks up. How do I start publisher without opening recent files?
  13. Today's beta RC3 seems much better, running most of day without a crash
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