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  1. I have just completed my first Men's Shed newsletter, Mail and Web links all worked in the PDF distributed, I did not expect them to work within Affinity Publisher. Links on master page also exported. Thanks to the Affinity Team for making links work,
  2. Thanks to all who asked for Hyperlinks and to Affinity Team for implementing them, they work and I am going to produce my next Men's Shed newsletter using Affinity
  3. I will believe it, only when it arrives, gone back to Serif Pageplus X9 for now, Affinity get your act together, hyperlinks are essential.
  4. crashes after flash screen windows 10
  5. my apologies, yes you are correct, so PDF will work if we include full address in document not a hyperlink as PDF program converted it to a clickable link
  6. See correction post below, it was the Adobe being smart enough to see www.????.com and convert it to a link Success, Created AFpub file with hyperlink that created PDF file with working hyperlink 1. opened pageplus file with hyperlink I wanted 2. Copied link (just Control C) 3. Opened new Affinity Publisher Document, created a test box and pasted (control V) 4 exported as PDF and link worked So it seems that somewhere in the code there is support for hyperlinks and it does not work by copying hyperlink from word
  7. agree essential if want to publish and distribute as PDF