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  1. Thanks. I stared at that a bit, then looked at WYSIWYG's site trying to figure out their relationship. I eventually found text implying that Quick&Easy was WYSIWYG's precursor. (See attached screengrab.)
  2. Thanks to everyone. You've given me a lot of different programs to look over! (More than you thought, since looking up Rapidweaver led me to "Rapidweaver substitutes" and gave me some more Wndows links to follow, too.) I'm not up to JUST coding it all in at this point -- my skills need updating, and I want to be able to accomplish things while I add to my knowledge. I gather responsive webwork is vital at this point, so I'm focusing on programs that are still "alive" and being updated. Else I'd certainly check out the one by Affinity's parent company, Serif. Pinegrow has caught my eye, but I'll look over most of the ones I ran into before deciding on one or two to explore further. Thanks again! Cyranose
  3. firstdefence, Thanks for your response. I'm using Windows. I have Dreamweaver CS6, and it could be better for responsive website design, and I refuse to go to Adobe CC and RENT software. Mostly personal, but I have designed sites for others. I'd welcome your suggestions. Thanks, Cyranose
  4. Thanks. Just wondering. Currently looking for Dreamweaver replacement.
  5. Hi. The title says it: Is Affinity Publisher dedicated to physical publication, or does it (like Adobe InDesign) also support web "publication?" Thanks!
  6. Cyranose

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    SrPx, you raise some good points. Corel makes a book on its program Painter free available in Kindle or ePub formats, and that's what I was thinking in terms of. The Affinity programs are amazing, and so is Serif for selling its amazing programs (NOT renting them) for such reasonable rates. I too really appreciate the company's philosophy, and don't want to upset or harm them in any way. Oh, well, there goes that idea. (Hint: If Serif wanted to produce such a document and charge for it, I'd gladly purchase it, and I'm sure many others would as well.)
  7. Cyranose

    Affinity Photo pdf manual for your enjoyment.

    ve2cjw, Hi. So the pdf manual is a compilation of the entire help file? I greatly appreciate your undertaking such a huge project and making this available to us all, but would you mind my suggesting an improvement on it? As you may know, many find pdfs difficult on a small tablet as the text doesn't reflow, and the pdf you made available doesn't have an index and there's no way to add one through Adobe Acrobat. Would it be possible for you to make an epub version of this file available? If you've done all you care to on this project, I can understand that, so may I ask if you'd be willing to make the text version you made the pdf from available? If you did, I could perhaps go through it and (a) enter the missing CTRL, OPTION, etc. indications where these are missing, and (b) use conversion software to produce an epub version of the file to reupload in this topic, perhaps even with an index? I already DID prepare a text version from the pdf using Adobe Acrobat Pro's features, intending to try this, but it ran most of the words together and thus is unusable for this purpose. Thanks regardless, --Cyranose
  8. Thanks, firstdefence! That solved the problem. I guess I was clicking in the layer name area instead. I appreciate your help.
  9. Hi. I was doing the "diffuse glow" exercise in the Affinity Photo Workbook and somehow accidentally selected (turned blue) both the background layer and the live filter diffuse glow layer. I tried clicking on each again, but I don't seem to be able to turn this off. So anything I try to do effects both layers(!). Looked further in the book, but can't find discussion of this problem, so posting here. Advice appreciated. Thanks. --Cyranose
  10. Toltec - Thanks again for your response. The weird brushtip did go away when I selected another brush, thanks, and I don't know how to get it back for a screengrab. However, I tried it on a new document before that, and it seemed usable for creating hair textures. 'Thanks for the brush preview picture. I definitely prefer preview off, since the preview seems to be in the way of seeing what you are actually applying to the image. For now, at least, I'm going with preview off and crosshair on. R C-R - Thank you for explaining that the "More" button can be used for temporary modification of a brush's settings AND for changing the brush presets as well. Thanks for mentioning the "Cologne" chapter as well. I'm a long way from there at this point, but I'm sure I'll enjoy the journey. I'm enjoying learning Affinity Photo!
  11. Thank you for the answers, Toltec! I had only clicked on "More" on the menu bar so far, and didn't see any other brush in it, though I think at this point that may be only for textures? Anyhow, now I can change out of that weird brush/texture!
  12. Hi. I am very new to Affinity Photo. Maybe I haven't reached that point in the book yet, but when I try to use the Paint Brush and Color Replacement brush tips I get a strange tool tip that looks almost like the boundaries of some imaginary state and applies two irregular parallel lines. Is this a brush? If so, how do I change brushes? I don't see anything on the panels or bars indicating brush tips. Conversely, is there any way to turn off brush tips and give me a simple circle w/centered crossbar for the brush icon? Thanks! --Cyranose