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    klumme reacted to ottobyte in B-Splines   
    Hi there,
    I just wondered if Affinity might ever support these?
    Many thanks
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    klumme reacted to laszlokorte in Show Curvature Combs on Bezier Paths   
    Curvature Combs visualize the curvature of a Bezier curve in order to enable the designer to draw smoother curves.

    See section 2.11 here: http://cagd.cs.byu.edu/~557/text/ch2.pdf
    Often I find my self in position that I drew a curve but it just does not look smooth enough and I fiddle around until it looks smooth. Would be great to have some more clear feedback.
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    klumme reacted to Ben in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Steady on.  Not a great way to motivate us.
    Priorities doesn't necessary just mean what we think is important, but also what things have to be done in a certain order, and whether those things collectively also are more important than other features which need attention. It is also a balance of how much work is actually involved in what might appear to be a small feature.
    I have just spent months refactoring a lot of our internal tools in order to facilitate faster future development and enabling editing features across tools.  This was a big task, but the few changes and additions I have made off the back of this have already demonstrated that this was time well spent.  Now, as a user you will have no idea of the scale of the work involved in changing our internal framework while preserving the current functionality of our tools.
    Software development is a fluid beast.  Only as our code base expanded did it become clear that things could be achieved in a different/better way.  Due to a lot of commitments already made, the changes I wanted to make got pushed back a number of times. I have now made them, and 1.7 will come with some significant additions - though the scale of work to implement them might still not be obvious to the end user.
    This thread is to show a raft of new (hopefully innovative) features that are in the pipeline, and you are accusing us of pretty much doing nothing to improve the software...!? All of these additions will achieve 99% of the use cases that have been thrown up (while not tying you to a very limiting grid based drawing method) - the only exception being the ONE use case where you want to be able to easily replicate sets of curves built previously using known grid positions for handles. (If I am missing the other use cases, you will have to explain them individually). AND, I have already made many comments as to why this feature will conflict with our current tool usage, but I think I have even said that we will try and add it.  So what is the problem?  You are not going to be getting 1.7 Beta just yet anyway, so why is this turning into a rant?  We have heard your request, and while I would personally argue that placing curve handles on grid produces a very limited artistic scope, I will accept it is the way you like to work.
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    klumme reacted to Mithferion in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    I understand what you say, Mark. And I really appreciate your effort and I engourage you to keep the good work.
    Now, about this feature, the talk we had with Ben left me thinking about some things:
    It's something that covers several use cases and it's used by a lot of people (I've read on the Internetz). It's not just that it's used, it's an important part of technical drawing and design workflows; even to the point that that single feature will prevent someone from adopting Designer. Maybe Ben or some of us don't use nor understand the full impact this has, but I can tell you that I remember scenarios where I would have loved to count with this. So, I encourage the Team to consider this little thing and what it represents. After that, I hope you integrate this in your internal roadmap and see it in a future release.
    Best regards!
    P. S.: I ignore if Photoshop has this, but I also hope seeing this one in Photo.
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    klumme reacted to Unsatisfied ex-customer in Sneak peeks for 1.7   
    Looks very handy indeed. Well done. 
    But I am still waiting for these important features that never found their way into DrawPlus either - so I am still using Inkscape and clumsy clumsy Illustrator CC for designing logos and shapes:
    handles snapping to especially grid and guides (just check out how Inkscape does) snap the node handle to a vertical / horizontal alignment and other angles (just check out how Inkscape does) I just read the book "Vector Basic Training: A Systematic Creative Process for Building Precision Vector Artwork" by Von Glitschka. His techniques allow you to draw precise or symmetric shapes very very fast. When I read the book in 2011 I had just purchased DrawPlus and was surprised of the poor snapping features in DrawPlus - it made no sense. The tips in the book are hard and often impossible to follow. Well you can if you zoom in and make adjustments with your shaking hand and manual aligning. It just takes ages compared to automation. That is what we have software for, right? Then Affinity Designer surfaced and I was again surprised that these features were promised since 2014. You are SO close to being awesome. Please walk the last meters towards the goal! It is just the core of shape design that the software can assist your shaking hand and guarantee precision and symmetry.
    I know this was requested and discussed in other threads - just making my voice heard here as well. And I hope the wait will be over once 1.7 arrives. Pleeease. Otherwise I enjoy the user interface and aesthetics of  Designer much more than the competition. Almost there Ben.
    Merry xmas and happy new hear!
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    klumme got a reaction from Peregrin in Roughen Curves   
    Very useful in some cases, but perhaps not that convenient when trying different styles for the whole layer, changing your mind etc.? I wouldn't mind both  ;) .
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    klumme got a reaction from Alfred in Roughen Curves   
    Very useful in some cases, but perhaps not that convenient when trying different styles for the whole layer, changing your mind etc.? I wouldn't mind both  ;) .
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