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  1. I actually find the pen tool harder to use in Designer. I can't even figure out how to delete a point (hovering over the point and clicking the point with the minus pen doesn't delete it, I think it deletes one of the handles?) Been playing with it, but still can't figure it out. :(
  2. I don't see it on the roadmap, but will there be a shortcut key for Rotating ® that will also give you the option of placing your axis point (instead of just hovering over the corner to rotate in the center only)?
  3. So here is the document and links/screenshots (I couldn't find the links palette nor could i find how to embed them either) Test_Alignment.zip
  4. so when I use the align tool it's aligning to the pasteboard/canvas (or somewhere way off of the canvas), ie it disappears. I'm just selection a few objects and whether i use center/top/etc it goes way off into the distance where I can't see where it went. I think this is a preference, but I can't seem to find where to to find this. Or is this just a bug and happening to me only?
  5. thank you, I realize you guys can't put everything at once, but it's great so far. and super thankful you guys are so responsive to all my questions!
  6. super, thanks Matt! I imagine this is a difficult request, but can we create out own short cut keys by any chance?
  7. I've been trying to do the drag and drop and re-arranging, but it doesn't work for me. And the only way I can add a color is picking a color and then hitting the paint palette icon. And deleting swatches, I need to do one by one, using right click delete—can't select multiple ones and just hit the trash or right-click either. Also I can't see to see a few palettes at once.
  8. is there a quicker way of masking and unmasking? like command 7/ command shift 7? Also, I can easily get to my grouped images in the mask, but to modify the mask itself I still have to go into the layers panel. Is there a way, like double-clicking or using the white arrow key (I tried these options and it didn't work though)?
  9. wow thank you for the speedy reply and yes, this is exactly what I wanted to know. Thank you! I just learned about this program and I've been telling everyone, even before I even used it!
  10. Is there a short cut key to see outline view (ie like Command Y in Illustrator)? I don't see any and I'm too unfamiliar to know if we can create out own shortcuts
  11. Most programs do this (and I hate it) is that you have to select each path of a stroke or the top handle of an object to make a selection, which is super time consuming and painful. One thing I do love about Illustrator is that is you are able to make fast broad "strokes" on your artboard to select many objects at once (sometimes really close together)—as long as you got a tiny corner or path of an object, it gets selected. Please fix this!
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